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Falkirk’s Restaurants

Spanish restaurants
- La Banca (Vicar St, Falkirk FK1 1LL / +44 1324 612033)
• Very nice restaurant, good food! - Craig
• I cannot say it is a fabulous restaurant, but it is not bad. The food is a little overpriced but it’s quite good. About the stuff, some of them are friendly, other aren’t - Thomas

- Casa Espanola (142 Grahams Rd, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK2 7BZ / +44 1324 612493)
• One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been – Anonymous
• Certainly one of the best restaurants in Falkirk – Joanne

Italian restaurants
- Antonio's (32-38 Grahams Rd, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK1 1HR / +44 1324 637000)
• I love the coffee and the menu, the steak is absolutely delicious! - Anemone
• I am pleased with the services and the menu - John

- Frankie & Benny's (17 Central Retail Park, Falkirk FK1 1LW / +44 1324 639236)
• I like the quick services, the friendly stuff and the general nice atmosphere. Every time I order, I am quickly served so I don’t have to starve until they bring me the food, like in other restaurants! - George
• I always enjoy the food here, especially the deserts. Yammyyy - Marry
• They make the best fish in the whole world - Luther

- Bar Aldo's (9-11 Coalgate, Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 1EH / +44 1259 729243)
• Hmm I love their plates, even though the services can sometimes be late. Last time I ordered, I almost starved until they brought me some food. However, it worth waiting… - Fiona
• I’ve been here twice with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed our meals. I ordered some spicy chicken wings and she ordered some fish, we are both pleased with the food. The stuff is also friendly, and the décor is nice. So it’s a great place to eat - Cocker
• Eating here can seem a little expensive but I don’t mind if this is what I have to do in order to be so nicely served by young beautiful ladies, to receive such delicious food and to be in such a nice atmosphere! - Paul French restaurants

- Smiths (199 Main St, Glasgow G71 7BP / +44 1698 818444)
• Wow, it is the nicest place ever! I love eating here - Marta
• The French cuisine fascinates me! This place is fabulous - Rita
• Great food - Moe

- Park Lodge Country House Hotel (32 Park Terrace, Stirling FK8 2JS / +44 1786 474862)
• I visited Scotland last year and I stayed in this hotel! What can I say; I never knew Scottish services are so professional! The receptionist was very friendly and welcoming and made me feel like some special guest. Besides the nice atmosphere, the food was absolutely delicious! The best steak ever, the best classic French cuisine ever, I would return to Scotland only to eat at Park Lodge Country House Hotel! - Billy
• I have stayed here for a week and I was impressed by the good services and the tasty food. When I return to Falkirk I’ll stay at the same hotel and I’ll order the same plate like the previous time - Choppo

- Pierre’s (140 Grahams Rd, Falkirk, FK2 7BZ / +44 1324 635843)
• Fabulous location, right in the city centre. The French cuisine is also great, I love the cheese board and the diversified wine selection – Allen
• The food is not so good. I don’t think I’ll come back - Anonymous

Mexican restaurants
- Behind The Wall (14 Melville St, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK1 1HZ / +44 1324 633338)
• It’s quite expensive and it doesn’t worth the money. I ordered hot-dog and it looked and tasted horrible. I don’t recommend it - Joanne
• The food is not very good and they make you wait a lot until they get your order. The prices are average but the service is always too late! – Micky

- Smiling Jacks (17 Barnton St, Town Centre, Stirling FK8 1HF / +44 1786 462809)
• I enjoy the nice atmosphere and the friendly stuff! I always feel great when I go there – Sessey
• Smiling Jack makes me(Jack) smile haha - Jack
• Good value for money, tasty and affordable! - Anonymous

- Chiquito (The Elements, Almondvale S, Livingston EH54 6GS / +44 1506 835460)
• The place is fabulous, the stuffs are friendly and they have interesting varieties of food! - Mock
• I love the Mexican food; I’d like to meet the cooker! – Anonymous

- Garibaldi’s (97A Hanover Ct, New Town, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ / +44 131 220 3007)
• Not very good, nor bad – Anonymous
• I went there few weeks ago and I was very impressed with the diversified food. The big menu and the friendly services are what I liked the most. However, I wasn’t very happy finding out that they didn’t have many plates, even if they were in the menu. I was still unhappy when my dry food arrived - Moe
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