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Glasgow’s Shopping centers

Buchanan Galleries (220 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 2FF)

Do you often look for sales? Well, the Buchan Galleries should definitely be one of the shopping malls included on your list. Many shops, the great music, the general welcoming atmosphere and the seasonal decorations perfectly describe this shopping mall. During weekends and holidays, the mall gathers people of all ages and social levels. Therefore, many might say it can be a brilliant place to spend your leisure time.

Although the parking is not free, I love there is a great variety of shops and good deals – Alexander
Braehead Shopping Centre (Kings Inch Road, Glasgow, G51 4BN)

Located on the Kings Inch Road, this shopping mall is a continuous infusion of modern concepts and fun activities. Here you can spend an enjoyable afternoon while shopping for clothes, or watching a captivating movie with your lover. All you can think of is here! Either that you want to socialize or just have some fun, the Braehead Shopping Centre will be there waiting for you.

My favorite shopping centre, I love it – Daniel
The Forge Shopping Centre (1221 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G31 4EB)

With more than 70 shops and over 1.600 parking spaces, this place seriously aims to respond at their clients' needs. With top client facilities and a high standard security level, the Forge Shopping Centre commits itself to provide a great shopping experience, just for you and your friends. The multi screen cinema or the retailers you can find here cannot guarantee anything else but a fabulous and entertaining day. Come and you will be amazed!

You can choose between different indoor shops, great deals – Courtney
St. Enoch Centre (55 St Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4BW)

Do you eagerly want to enjoy a peaceful shopping spree and you only know crowded places where people are just too annoyed for you? Well, St Enoch Centre is your best choice! This family entertainment centre can offer a refreshing experience that you will never forget. The great variety of shops and the multitude of famous brands will complete a remarkable sight of what a shopping day should look like. Just enjoy it!

The best way to spend your time. This place is fabulous – Ramonne
Princes Square Shopping Centre (Princes Square, 48 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 3JN)

Have you not visited this place yet? Then you should do it! You are missing a marvelous shopping day! Several customer facilities and services, together with stylish interior decorations recommend this place as a welcoming environment. Moreover, the iconic five-floor building, the high quality restaurants, the variety of shops and the prestigious location make it the ideal place for shopping.

Good deals and they have good food – Stacy
Silverburn Shopping Centre (Barrhead Rd, Glasgow, Glasgow City G53 6QR)

When thinking about the Silverburn Shopping Centre some might call it the best in town, but others might not agree, due to its location and size. However, there are many things compensating these lacks, among which are worth to be mentioned the client quality services, the number of shops and the tidiness of this place. Therefore, if you love spending time in shopping malls while purchasing goods and having fun, come to the Silverburn Shopping Centre and you will be amazed.

A nice shopping center, among the best ones in Glasgow – Ronnie
The Italian Centre (7 John St, Glasgow, G1 1HP)

Do you enjoy spending your leisure time shopping? Do you see shopping as a social activity? Well, try the Italian Centre. Here you will find a great variety of shops and climate-controlled environment that will make you want to stay and shop! Several famous retail chains and brand outlets have chosen this shopping mall, consequently there is no doubt that you will find here what you are looking for.

I never find what I want here, it’s crowded and noisy, I don’t like it – Marry Ann
Govan Cross (795 Govan Rd, Govan, Glasgow G51 3JW)

The centre offers a variety of stores, many playgrounds for children and several parking facilities, including free parking spaces. This mall's always-available staff will help you with any inquiry you might have. Situated in the heart of the Govan community, this shopping mall will guarantee personal satisfaction and some excellent leisure moments. One of the best things about this mall is that is within easy access. In other words, there is a bus line and several Subway routes, which link this commercial centre with the rest of the city.

I love shopping here, it’s a nice atmosphere! – Andrew
East Kilbride Shopping Centre (Cornwall St, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 1LL)

Do you want a relaxing environment where you could peacefully drink your coffee or eat a tasty dish? Do you want to buy the perfect gift for your friend and you wonder where you should go? The East Kilbride Shopping Centre is your answer! With more than 25 specially designed restaurants, pubs and bars, many stores and places where you can have fun, it is a fact that you will find the perfect one for you. As the official motto states, this is the place 'Where it's all going on'.

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