Looks can be deceiving 2

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I returned home happier than never.

I was having by my side a man that I was loving and he was loving me.

Looks can be deceiving 2

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Summer was almost over and for me it brought a carousel of feelings and sensations. But most importantly, it brought me love. The road to our jobs and back home was a blessing for us. One day he said on our way to work: “I want you to move in with me!” “When?” “You tell me when, I would take you with me today, love! “ The crowd from the subway was forcing us again to stai so next to each other. And my hand was intentionally walking on his pants. “Stop it!” “Why?” I asked him smiling. “Because it is not the moment.” I stopped because the subway was getting empty. We climbed down at our stop, holding hands. Although it was Friday, that day I had to finish something and I stayed after hours. Cosmin stayed with me. He took the paper and took a seat at the desk near mine. We were just the both of us, even the cleaning lady left. He pushed me on my desk. His strong arms put me up on the desk. He lifted up my skirt, he took off my panties , he opened up his pants and his penis was already erected, he got near my pussy with it. He penetrated me fast. I closed my eyes and I let myself carried away. The idea of doing it at work, on the desk that I was working on, with the fear of being discovered, was more and more exciting and intriguing. I felt him cumming inside me, how his penis was twitching and his hot sperm flodded my pussy. A strange noise made him retire quickly. The door opened and a bodyguard of the building came in , he was doing his night watch. We were both red and we were panting. We took the elevator alongside the bodyguard, who was like he wanted especially to accompany us to the exit. As we were heading to the exit I felt his sperm flowing down on my leg. At that moment I realized that I did not have my panties on. It was too late to return though. He got close too much. I was feeling once again his breath on my face. His lips were approaching mine. He was breathing heavy and I saw him trying to control himself not to go further. My breasts were going up and down, alongside with his breath, and his closeness made me breath fast. A feeling of fear and excitement was getting me. My nipples got hard and my breasts were showing off in a more naughty way under the blouse that I was wearing. He pushed my lips with a hot kiss. This time I did not keep my teeth closed, and his tongue explored my mouth and found my tongue, and I responded to his kiss. His strong hands grabbed my breasts and with every move I was becoming more horny. He took me up and put me on his bed. He was on top of me, he was crushing me with his weight. I couldn’t move at all. I was feeling my pussy wet and full of desire to receive him. I wanted to go up and leave. But my body wanted something else. And he understood that and remained naked. He took off my pants, then my panties and he went straight to my pussy. He penetrated me with force. I felt pleasure, that was growing with every move. His lips were burning me. I was feeling his penis getting deeper as if it wanted to go all inside . The sensations were so strong, the hate was mixed with pleasure and I guess with revenge too. I felt him that he was almost ready to finish. He took out his penis in the last moment and cum on my pussy. And with the head of his penis he spread the sperm on my pussy, he was rubbing my clitoris and I was feeling like I am burning. The pleasure he was provoking me was extraordinary. He penetrated me again, then he took out his penis and he massaged again my clitoris. And after those moves I felt the orgasm. A tremble got in my whole body. A strange drowsiness got over me. I fell asleep. When I woke up it was night and he was sleeping next to me. But I now had the proof. I headed to the Cosmin’s building. I still got the key to his apartment. I came in and I found him in the living room alone and sad. He looked at me. I expected him to rush me out but it wasn’t like that. I looked at him and he was closed-fist. I got near him and he opened up his hand revealing the buttons that Andrei ripped from my shirt. “I am a fool. Forgive me”! He said by looking into my eyes. “I never shouldn’t doubt you. I saw them on the floor in the morning. I sat down next to him. “Listen!” I turned on the recorder. He listend everything carefully. He didn’t say anything until the end. When it ended I got up. “Wait, wait, don’t go, please!” His voice was shaking. I stopped in the middle of the room. He got near me and caressed my face and cheek. How much I have missed him, but something in me broke. It was too late. Nothing was the same anymore, I was not the same anymore. I was still wearing the ring he gave me. I took it off and I put it on his palm. “I have lost you, haven’t I?” “I don’t know, Cosmin. All I know is that I need time. Too much happened.” And I left. Why? Why stay anymore? He came after me taking me in his arms, kissing me. My eyes were in tears but I did not want him to see my weakness. He took my hand and we walked on the alleys without saying anything. I was feeling the heat he was emanating, I was feeling him so close to me and my soul. I told him I want to go home. I didn’t want to show him I want him. He took me to his house instead. He closed the door and kissed me tenderly on my lips. His hands were touching me insatiable, his tongue was tasting me non stop. I was hot and trembling, being unable to say or do something. I was letting him do everything and he was doing it so fine! His hands dared to go under my blouse where they found my hungry for touch breasts. His mouth began to touch my naughty nipples. With his strong body he was crushing my fragile body to the wall. He took off my pants and he penetrated me with his strong fingers. He put one first, then two and three. I was chocking, I could not control my breathing. I pulled his hair, trying to push him away but I could not. I do not know if I really wanted that, it was too good the sensation. He was dominating me , he was the man and I was his woman. His penis penetrated me and his lips kissed mine with lust. I was horny at maximum and I was shaking due to the great pleasure I was feeling. I reached the orgasm but you continued until you cum inside me, filling me up with your sperm . You took me in your arms and you put me on the bed, caressing me and telling me how much you love me.

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