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10th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Falkirk

I am always dressed to impress!

Allow us to introduce to you a woman who will definitely impress you! With a glamorous appearance and sex appeal Sandy can be your perfect companion. Do you need someone to entertain you?

Do you need someone to keep you company and cheer you up? Then, we have the answer you are looking for! Sandy is an experienced Falkirk escort that you will certainly remember! Your date will be an unforgettable one, you just have to pick up the phone and make an appointment!

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself!

I’m an open-minded person, sociable and with a lot of appetite for life! I don’t have any life regrets and I intend to keep it this way! My friends call me Sandy and I’m keen on meeting new and interesting people everyday. So, if you want some fun in your life, I’m here for you! Let me be the magic in your life! Let me entertain you!

Q: Why do you think your clients offer you gifts?

To be completely honest, because they need to show off in front of a woman. I am not offended by their intentions as long as they don’t affect me! I am happy with any gift they give me! I’m a woman, aren’t I? I love to receive gifts, irrespective of what they are. The most common gifts that I normally receive are sexy lingeries or perfumes. They simply make my day! I love you guys!

Q: Have you ever felt you do not want to do this job anymore? What happened?

The worst experience for me? It was an awful situation! I would definitely not want to experience such a thing never again in my life! He scared me and then I thought about quitting! I thought my life was in danger!

Once I had a date with a violent client, but I only found this out when we remained alone. In public he behaved polite and he was very careful with me, but when we got to his house the story completely changed!

He was an aggressive man and I wanted to leave. But he punched me directly in my face! He wanted to rape me. He is in jail now! I was in shock for some time. I got professional advice! Now I’m better and I am still doing what I love –  being an escort!

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Q: Do you have many friends?

To be honest, I don’t have many friends because any type of relationship needs time, and I don’t have so much spare time! Now I can be in Falkirk and tomorrow I can be in Paris. I have only one best friend who understands me completely, because she is an escort as well! But this is all! Not many people can understand what I do, and even fewer accept it! A fact is sure –  I love to travel and see the wonders of this world!

Q: Did you have any job before this one?

I tried to be a nanny for some time. But as you may guess it was not a job that suited me! Sometimes children can be too spoiled and won’t listen to you no matter what you do! So why should I bother and be stressed all the time? I want different things in my life!

Q: What is your worst fear in what concerns escorting?

Hmm, I really do not have fears because if I had I wouldn’t have continued doing what I do! I take all necessary precautions when it comes to a new client, so I don’t believe something bad can happen to me! I am a precocious woman, that is for sure!

Q: How did it all start for you?

I wanted to find out if men are interested only in models or no. Back then, when I started my career as an escort I was not that thin and slender as I am today. So, I wanted to know if I can make easy money by doing this job. And guess what? There are plenty of men for any type of women, so it was a perfect start for me! Now, I’m different, I am very careful with what I eat and with my lifestyle! It’s a different story!

Q: Have you ever met jealous clients?

Unfortunately yes! Once I had a client who really fell in love with me! I tried to tell him that this is my profession, but he couldn’t cope with the idea. He wanted to make me his wife and keep me home, all day long. But I’m not that type of woman. I am an active lady, I want to work. And if you cannot accept me as I am, you can’t have me!

Q: What’s you main rule when it comes to dating?

I prefer meeting my clients in public, before we go elsewhere. Why? It’s simply because I want to see him, to see his reactions and to find out his plans. If there is any doubt or if I have any presentiment I won’t go any further! As simple as that! So, this is my basic rule!

Q: What are your motivations for doing this?

By doing this I can feel much more secure, than by just going to an unknown address where I don’t know what to expect. I find it better this way! I can meet my client somewhere safe, where I can simply leave if something sounds fishy to me!

Q: Do you get surprised by your clients?

No! Why should I get surprised by them? They are just normal people like you and me! Most of them have a career, a wife, kids and some of them even a pet. So, no, I’m not surprised by any of them!

Q: Do you think people judge you for being an escort?

Definitely, yes! Unfortunately, people judge this profession harshly. Clients don’t, but those who are not involved in any aspect in this profession judge us! It is no doubt about this!

Q: Can you name one advantage besides money?

The main advantage is that I get to know myself better, to explore my body, to know what I like and what I dislike! It’s something very important, I would say, much more important than money!

Q: Can you make a living as an escort?

Definitely yes! If you are a hard-working person, then you can make a living out of anything! It’s not that hard! If you are not a lazy person, then you can have anything you wish for!

Q: Do you have any goals for your future?

As long as I’m healthy I will be happy! So, in terms of future plans I haven’t really thought about it, I like to go with the flow…

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