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18th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Fife

Discover the highlife of a Scottish escort in an exclusive interview

Today’s escort has no restrictions, therefore this interview promises to be one of the most honest ones so far. Katty has talked about the bad parts of this industry as well as about the…

main disadvantages of being an independent escort without holding back anything. As a result, if you want to know how things really are, then you should read this exclusive interview. No one has ever had the courage to talk about such intimate things as she did, so be prepared to find out the truth!

‘Live with passion today and everyday!’ (Katty, 24, Fife)

Q: Briefly tell us some things about yourself

Hello, my name is Katty and I am 24 years old. I have been an independent escort since I was 20 and since then I haven’t thought about quitting this profession. Why? Well, because it is such a rewarding job that can satisfy any woman’s requests. For me, it’s an excellent job.

By performing this job, you have many advantages, but as well disadvantages. I must be clear from the early beginning that this is surely not an easy job and this is not a job for any woman. Those who want this daily occupation must be prepared to face different difficult and challenging situations.

Q: What do you think makes you perfect for this job?

I haven’t said that I am perfect for being a pleasure lady. Instead, I can say that I am suitable, or at least I try to do things at a professional level. I am charismatic but I don’t accept too easily new things. I am beautiful, but I need respect from my clients. This is why you can see on my personal website comments such as: ‘She is too picky sometimes’ or ‘She is very hard to conquer. But she is precious and very stylish, which makes worthwhile any struggle.’

I am aware that I am perfect just for a small category of men, but this is it. This is why I am not as busy as most escorts; this is because I don’t accept any date, and I am not desperate for money.

Q: What is your main advantage?

I would say that my main quality is that I am a courageous woman. Why do I say that? Well, if you don’t have enough courage, you don’t have anything in common with this profession. As an independent escort, you need to be open-minded and be available to meet unknown people even though it might be dangerous for you.

Q: Do you love your job?

I wouldn’t say that I love it, I believe that it’s for the present moment the job that brings me money. It helps me survive. I must say I don’t necessarily love what I do for a living. It’s just my best option for now, taking into account that I really, but really don’t have any other experience in another domain.

Q: Please, tell us the main disadvantage of this job. What should newbies be prepared for?

Oho, there are numerous disadvantages. I believe that now you have the possibility to understand me better by reading the following lines.  For instance, we talk about dating arrogant men, who don’t value, appreciate or respect you. Some might even have the courage to ask you to do crazy thighs, or some might even be aggressive.

However, the best part is that you have the option to leave, set your own boundaries and don’t accept such behavior. Moreover, you should know that as a call girl you mostly work during the night time, therefore some might find this difficult or tiring as well. To continue, another disadvantage is that you face discrimination, therefore you might be bound to lie and to pretend in front of your friends and family. Hiding is also a negative aspect of this profession.

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Q: Taking all the above into consideration, would you recommend this job?

No, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, if you take a look at recent studies, they clearly show that more and more girls chose this job in countries where it is considered to be a legal occupation. So, it doesn’t matter our inside view and our advice for future escorts. Every girl must see on her own skin if this job really suits her or not. For some of us it is perfect, but for others, it’s not their best option. This can be observed over a period.

Q: What were the worst things that happened to you as VIP escort?

Ha-ha, I’ve had several bad experiences while working. I cannot choose only one, but in this case I’ll make an exception. For instance, here I talk about a date in which a client asked me to have sex without a condom. Of course, that I didn’t accept the suggestion, even though he offered a great amount of money. More than that he got a little bit sad and depressed. The rest of the date went wrong as you can imagine. His mood changed drastically!

Q: Bust an escort myth

There is that common misconception that all escorts carry diseases. WRONG! That is totally not true! Take for instance my case. I take my blood samples at least three times per year. I am always very careful with these things, because we are all talking about my health. I don’t really want to get paid for becoming sick and I am sure that all escorts take a really good care of this. Therefore, you can be sure, when you chose to enjoy professional escort services; it’s safe and all the ladies are clean!

Q: Name at least three advantages of this job!

I will try to list the main ones: you don’t have a monotonous life; you have the chance to party a lot; you can earn easy money; you can meet important people; and you have a lot of fun.

Q: Why do you continue to be an escort?

Because for the present moment it’s my best option. I wouldn’t see myself doing anything else. I love to receive compliments and I love to see men desire my appetizing shapes. I love to be a desired woman. It’s good for my personal ego.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?

No! Jesus! Ha-ha! I really don’t want any headaches. I am good just the way I am. You know, I don’t enjoy stressful situations and I hate fights. And by doing this job and by having a boyfriend at the same time you can be sure that fights will be on your daily menu. I know some escorts who have boyfriends and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

Q: Do you see yourself doing this job in five years time?

Yes, why not. I don’t see myself doing anything else in the next ten years. I enjoy doing what I do for a living, so why not? I don’t intend to settle down and I want to enjoy life to the fullest, and this profession gives me all the necessary ingredients to continue doing this.

Q: Some tips for newbies?

Be yourself and chose this job only if you really wish this. Set your limits and make every client respect them. Be spontaneous and make every moment a memorable one for you; your clients will appreciate it too!

Q: Tell us your life motto

‘Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.’

Be your own boss and be a genuine independent escort; you will get to love this job! Do not let anyone say how you should live your own life!

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