Chocolate and whip cream

14th March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I wake up with the sensation that I am a stranger in my own body

I don’t even feel my legs, arms, nothing.

Chocolate and whip cream


I realize, step by step, why I have this sensation in my body; another body among the sheets that are crumpled with hate and passion from earlier, from the union, a body that lay on mine. I cannot move , I am punished to stay under your weight until you want to release me, because I wanted you and rejected you at the same time, I played with you, I drove you crazy , then I wanted my rights for your part that I believe it belongs to me. I don’t dare to open my eyes, I look at you through my lashes, but I squeeze my eyes when I see you moving, and the weight that was pushing ne before dissapeared. I observed that I remained alone and I opened my eyes being afraid that I lost you. I don’t find you beside me. I close them again and the thought that I don’t know where you are torments me. I stay on one side with the head on my arm. A brownish light comes through the curtain, it is so calm, a sunset light. I think we’ve been asleep for hours, since noon… Ah! All my pores react at the cold sensation that goes down on my spine:you bought an ice cube and you put it on my back, which is melting as you walk it on my neck and you go down with it to my ass. You giggle and you blow on my wet skin, oh… goosebumps again. I am stubborn not to move, being curious and intrigued by what was going on next. I feel your tongue on my foot, as it touches around each finger, then it goes on the calf, stopping on the back of the knee and I refuse to backdown. I squeeze my eyes more and my palms are squeezing the sheets. In addition to your effort, I lay on my abdomen and I pretend I sleep profoundly. It would have been strange to stop! You draw circles with your tongue on each of my buttocks, and you put your fingers between them, caressing slowly. I want to feel your tongue deeper there, but it looks you have other plans. I don’t know from where you got a feather with which you tickle me between my buttocks. I feel something hot flowing between my legs to my vagina, and I smell a delicios flavour of melted chocolate. Now I know what you did in the kitchen. The chocolate cream gets into my all wholes , when your hand goes under my waist to be able to put your tongue deeper into my vagina, tasting all that juice. Damn with all the dirty sheets! I feel like I am melting the same as chocolate, when my clitoris is assaulted by your lips, you suck it and lick it, so I cannot pretend to sleep anymore. Your penis penetrates me brutally and for a moment it stays there. Then it starting to move while you grab my ass and you guide it, you want to enter as deep as you can and I don’t want you to stop. I push myself in you and I don’t let you go without satisfying me completely and though your penis is inside everything I feel like am dying, I am born again and so on. Everything is dizzy around me, I don’t care about nothing else but you, our bodies became as one, we are like two animals uniting . It looks like you didn’t end the surprises for today. You turn me with my face up and you start to put whip cream on my breasts, navel, on my pussy… being concentrated on the culinar aspect of the matter, with a naughty face on. You are satisfied with what you did, I am but a cake which you want to devour it but I quickly get on top of you, covering you all in whip cream, catching your penis in my sweet cookie. I am curious how your penis tastes like after it went in my vagina which was full of chocolate and whip cream and I begin to suck and lick it like an expert while I look you in the eyes and laugh about your sober face and your sweat that appeared on your forehead. You put my ass on your mouth, spoiling again my anus and my clitoris, while with your fingers you get in the vagina , making me tremble. You got up then and you went to the bathroom, leaving me hot on the bed. The door to the bathroom opened and you told me not to cheat, to close my eyes. I was in bed with my legs a bit spread. Your penis was semi-erect. Each step on the floor was making me aware of how close you were to me, near the bed. When you arrive you told me to open my eyes. You were with your face toward me. I immediately put my hands on your penis. I liked what I saw. It was like a game. You put a provocative man costume , a man that usually dances for a woman at her bithday, like a stripper or something. I started to touch your penis again and you took a sip from the brandy that was on the table next to the bed, then I grabbed a pillow and I put it next to the window and I kneeled on it. You drank again and then you put the glass down. It didn’t take you long to understand what I want. You raised me up and you kneeled on the pillow tasting my pussy. Your tongue got in my vagina, I was supporting myself by the window sill, I was moaning with pleasure, pushing my asa to your mouth. You cought my labia with your lips, biting the easily and my right leg was up, you were holding it. I was so horny and excited, I was rubbing my pussy on your mouth, up and down. At one moment you stopped, our arms united, our mouths united aloso in a long kiss, as it was endless. In that moment you rised in your legs. I tasted your penis, putting some drops of brandy on its top and licking it. It was a little bit cold and my lips were sucking with fire. You put your hand through my hair. On the wall behind us was a big mirror. You were extremely excited, ready to penetrate my vagina. You took me in your arms and you put me on the bed. After a few tender kisses you got inside me, moaning slowly. You kissed my neck and shoulder then you stopped and put some whip cream again on your penis. You continued to put your penis deep, feeling the whip cream getting inside me. My palms were playing with your hair and you got out and begab to play with my pussy again, biting easy my clitoris. I was having chills of pleasure all of my body. I put whip cream on your penis, with a hand holdin it from the basis. With your left hand you were guiding my moves, the sperm getting out powerfully, a part of it getting on my abdomen.

We lay on the bed, exhausted but satisfied, smiling about everything that happened.

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