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A new day at work with you at just a few meters away from each other.

I feel like I cannot control my lust by looking at you. I close my eyes and I see again the “craziness” of last night.



You were all mine, yesterday, the day before yesterday, three days ago. But for us time has a different speed. Everything is in the rhythm of tango. When I opened my eyes you were there too caressing my face, my eyes, breathing on me and with your hands hidden under my shirt. We are on a corner of the office, anyone can catch us in any moment but you continue to explore my chest, my abdomen, my shoulders and my neck. I try to push you in order not to be caught by someone, but the fear and excitement are equally strong, both melting my knees and leaving me without voice. Leave me alone, not here, not now, but you still continue. Your stockings are gone and you feel my hand getting to your panties and caresses tender the hot skin. You look afraid around, it is a hidden place, but we can be seen anytime. We hear the phones ringing, the colleagues in the office, we hear laughters and movement, but it is like I am away from the world and I continue to move my hand under your panties. I take off your panties and the last obstacle between us is away. I lift one of your legs and I kiss it from its knee until the spot where our bodies meet, mixing the touchings with my tongue and caressing easy, with circular movements the pussy. My tongue explore your clitoris while you are between ecstasy and the fear to not be caught. I tell you to stay calm and you try to listen to me but you are all shaking not knowing which one to listen to: to listen to thr fear or to the heat that blows your mind? My tongue has a miraculous effect on you, it calms you down and you totally forget that you are in a office with 8 more people. They don’t even suspect what we are doing in that hidden spot where usually the boxes are placed. I lick you, I kiss you and I bite you slowly. You stick on the wall with the head on your back. The ecstasy made you a slave, letting me do to you what you want. It doesn’t matter who see us or hear us. You spread your legs to let yourself spoiled by me. My fingers go up and down on your pussy. My tongue and finger stop on your clitoris and they spoil it tenderly, like a child who finds a new toy. You hold your breath and you feel my finger gets in and out in you provoking you dizzyness. We stay in silence, drunk of excitement. I get up and I hold your knee with my hand. Your hands are shaking while they open the zipper of my pants. You wait for the crazy penetration of our union. It is so well when I feel the spasms of the penetration. I push slowly like in a lascivious dance and you receive my whole penis inside of you. I am lost somewhere in you and you bite your lips in order not to scream. I shut off your scream with a kiss, feeling your tongue around my lips, trying to get between the theets. Your hair gets loose and it covers the both of us. Inside of me shouts the whole happiness that I can have, too bad I can’t scream that everyone could hear what you are offering me right now! I would like to shout , so everybody would come to see us united and me with my fingers caught in your flesh moving our bodies in the same rhythm, fast and forward. The spasm of the union is maximum, we have tears of joy. Our crazy movements stop step by step. Your head lay on my shoulder and I pass my fingers through your hair. Now everything could dissappear suddenly, I found the maximum joy, I didn’t care about anything else. We take our clothes in slow motion as if we are awaken from another planet. You steal from me another deep kiss and you vanish behind the door to the office. Your face is red, your hair is messy and is silence all of a sudden. Everyone realize it and they look at you. Yes, that’s how a woman looks like after she made love, a wild, mute sex, hidden behind the boxes. I think everyone wanted to be there in those moments. I believe all have dreamed at least once to hide behind the boxes and moan for pleasure. After a while I show up in the office. We sit at the desk in front of the computer. I write everything in details and I describe to you everything that I lived in the next room with a real woman. With whom? You ask me from your eyes. What do you mean? With you! I arrived home and I think about what happened. I watch you sleep next to me, calm and I would like to play with your hair, but I am afraid not to wake you up. I just have to adore you in my mind, to look at you for hours until I am tired too or until you wake up. I can’t believe how lovely is life in your arms, how happy I can feel, when your body is next to mine. How many times we fell asleep naked, embraced, without doing anything. We had the most sexy proffessors in love. Remember when you looked me in the eyes and you quickly looked the other way, because you were surprised as I am about the strong wave of attraction between us? I loved you from the first moment, even before I knew your name, it was like I was tanking the destiny for bringing you in my life. Remember when we first made love, when you offered me the best experience of my life? When under your eyes and body I became a man, when you swore me that we were going to belong together forever? I feel getting hot again. Will I ever stop being addicted to you, addicted to your skin perfume. I always felt safe with you, as if I was home with you, with you there is always like home. You move slowly and you open your eyes tired but smiling: “Aren’t you bored to look at me for hours when you can’t sleep?” “Not even Picasso looks like that at his muses. She joked and hugs me. She kissed me slowly on my mouth as if she was scared to touch my lips too hard. “Make love to me!” I whisper her slowly while kissing her. I lay my head on her breasts. She was the love of my life, I was admiring her. I was enjoying our games at the office, when we were risking being caught while we were making love. Our love story was consuming in secret, far away from the curious eyes. Our love was pure, untouchable. I started to kiss her boobs, abdomen, tighs, to taste her clitoris, to make love with her like she wanted me to. Everything was in sublime silence, only our moanings could be hear and our love whispers. And again our love making lasted for ever like in the weekend days spent together.

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