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7th January, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Aberdeen

An Aberdeen beauty – Brandy

Meet Brandy an Irish temptation who will certainly make you never forget your close encounter! She is an adorable and at the same time a mischievous lady with a great imagination! Let her take you..

to a world you have never been to! Release some of your deepest thoughts and taste some of the earthly heaven Brandy can offer you!

Brandy – your best choice!

Q: Tell us a few words about yourself. Name three qualities and three defects!

Let me take this chance and introduce myself! My name is Brandy and I’m a hot and entertaining professional escort currently living in Aberdeen.

I have a toned body and some curvy shapes you will certainly remember! I love to take life as it is and enjoy each and every moment, either bitter or joyful! I don’t like to pretend so you may be sure that I’ll give you my honest opinion on everything you require. I like to push boundaries as far as my body enjoys it, so let us take this chance and try any fantasy you might have!

Qualities: charismatic personality, hot body and erotic thoughts.

Defects: Sometimes, I am too honest, direct and generous!

Q: What made you chose this profession?

There are many reasons why I have chosen this profession! I am a highly skilled woman in bed and a very polite lady in public, so these two qualities helped me a lot to make the difference in this erotic world!

I researched the topic a lot before deciding upon this and there is nothing that I regret about it. It is probably the best decision I have taken so far. There is no doubt that this profession suits me!

I knew from the early beginning what were the pros and cons of this job, together with the dangers and the benefits. So, anyone who would like to become a high-class escort should do the same!

Q: Have you ever felt discriminated because you are an escort? What did you do?

Unfortunately, escorts are discriminated in today’s society! People tend to judge you from the moment they find out what you do for a living! Your reasons do not matter anymore in this kind of situations!

So, let me give you an example. One day I was with a couple of friends in a pub and we were discussing about professions in general. Some new people joined us and when they asked me what I do for a living their reaction betrayed their real thoughts. They instantly changed their behavior and they suddenly had to go! What did I do? Simply nothing, because I really don’t care about what other people, who don’t know me, think about me!

Q: Are you proud of your profession?

Hmm, proud? No! I am happy with my life and that is all! It’s just a job which brings me money! It’s a job which allows me to have whatever I want in life. I can afford everything I want and this makes me more than happy and pleased!

Q: Have you ever thought about quitting your job? Why?

I strongly believe we have experienced, at a certain point, this idea irrespective of the job we have. So, yeah! When we stumble upon problems we have the tendency to turn our back and run. But, this is not the case for me! I am not quitting this job, at least not for now!

Q: What are the best parts of being an escort?

There are many more advantages than disadvantages in being an escort. For instance, you are your own boss, you have the chance to meet all sorts of persons and you can travel and make the most of your life. For some of you this might seem like a dream, but for me it’s pure reality!

Q: Tell us about your best and your worst moment as an escort!

There is no such thing as bad moments as an escort because you have the power to make each moment a memorable one for you.

Depending on your ability and on your skills any date can be awesome, both for you and for your client. You just have to taste each side of being a professional call girl.

In other words I didn’t have bad moments as an escort, and in what concerns my best moments there are so many that I cannot choose one in particular. A fact is sure though, if you choose to be an escort your whole life will change!

Q: Do you have many friends in this industry?

There are a couple of girls who are my friends, but with the majority I don’t keep a close contact. I simply don’t find any particular reason to have so many friends. Each and every girl here just wants to make a living and not make friends. We meet our clients, do our job and then keep up with our own lives. We are not here to make friends, you know?

Q: How far would you go to satisfy your clients?

It depends on many things, but most of all it depends on what he wants. As long as it does not hurt me and as long as my client is a generous man I’ll go with the flow. As I’ve already said I am an open-minded person who is willing to try all sorts of new things! I am not afraid of new!

Q: Can you make a living as an escort?

Take my personal example. I can afford anything I want, I have a high life standard, so the answer is definitely yes – you can make a living as an escort, there is no doubt about this. There are so many escorts out there who practice escorting for many years. Think about it, no one would do it if it weren’t a profitable job!

Q: Do you have any habits before meeting your clients?

I normally take a shower and eat something. I don’t have an entire list of things to do before having a date, just the ordinary stuff!

Q: What do you do to keep yourself fit?

Nothing in particular. I go to the gym as often as I can and I am very careful with what I eat and when I eat! It is my strong belief that the physical appearance is very important both in men and in women, it’s like a personal card! First impression always counts!

Q: What was the most curious fact you did as an escort?

I accepted a date with one of my close friends, of course as an escort! I would have never imagined this! But it was quite nice and unexpectedly memorable!

Q: Have you ever met an aggressive client? What did you do?

Well, actually no, I haven’t met anyone like this. But if I were to meet an aggressive client I believe I can manage the situation with tact and make him realize that what he does is wrong. I don’t find any reason why someone would be aggressive to me! I am a delicate lady and I try to please all my clients!

Q: What are the most important tips you would give to someone who would like to become  an escort?

I would advise them to be confident and to state their point in any situation without fear! Clients need to know from the early beginning what we want and who we are! They need to respect us!

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