An escort as a reporter

1st October, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Escort interviews

If it is hard for en escort to answer to the questions of some reporter, because the reporter can ask various questions, an escort being a reporter, it is very suitable because she knows exaclty what to ask.

I have always wanted to do that, and if I will ever quit this job, I will definetely do that. I graduated journalism and I will take a few courses in this domain. I want to find out the opinion of other girls.

An escort as a reporter


E. Q. We don’t know each other , but I will confess you that I did the same thing as you (I don’t want to confess her tha fact that I am still an escort.) I want to find out if other girls had a beautiful life as I had while I was an escort. I personally enjoyed to do that.
I want to know if you had a special experience, something beyond ordinary.
A. Yes, I will tell you a strange experience, but it brought me a lot of money. It also helped me to understand aa lot more about marriage and about rich people, who are not always unpolite or rude. I met a faamily of rich people who had problems in their marriage. They estranged from each other and they didn’t know the reasons. She was a stylish woman, an elegant one and very beautiful and he was a sexy, handome man, between two ages. They had everything they wanted, financially speaking. I had to make them jealous, to help them reunite themselves.
E. Q. I admit that I envy you because you lived something like that. Especially that you also received money for that…How long did you stay with them or you used to go only when they need it?
I was part of their family for three months with a few free days when I needed and I could.
E. Q. How was your first day there?
A. I was brought with the limo and it took me to a stunning place , at the periphery of the town ,a property of some rich people, with a house like a castle. I was introduced and they offered me a room like an apartment, with my own bathroom, with a dressing full of clothes just for me: evening dresses, daylight clothes which were very elegant,shoes and accesorrise, everything that a woman can want. I took a shower and I dressed something from there, because I was told not to wear my clothes. I got down where we had to eat and I met them all. She was gorgeous, and very interested at me, and he was a very polite man and very funny.The dinner was nice, we tried to know each other.
E. Q. How was your first romantic night? It was a threesome or…?
A. It was something unexpected. I was sent in her room , to do what I considered to do. I went there and I talked with her to find out about her problems. I got close to her and I carressed her , I told her how beautiful she was, that she is surely desired by a lot of men , but only her husband is the lucky one. I started to kiss her and to undress her slowly to see if she wants to go further. She accepted and we stayed an hour and after that I retired to my room.
E. Q. How was the threesome?
A. We went out the three of us, at a luxurious restaurant, in a snug. There she stayed only next to me, he was touching my hand and he was watching me a lot. I was a little bit embarrassed, I didn’t know what to expect. His wife was there but he assured me that it wasn’t any problem, that he wants to make her a little bit jealous to see if it is working. I didn’t see nothing unusual from her, at least not that night.
E. Q. She came alone in your room ? Or he?
A. She , yes, but nothing happened. She wanted to know why I have this job. I told her that I do that for money and only with good people. Once, he came alone in my room but he told his wife also to see if she was going to come. We made love, he behaved very nice, she didn’t appear. Another night he came again and she came also and watched us and when her husband started to touch me , she came and kissed him and carresed him, totally ignoring me.
E. Q. Did you have sex in three?
A. Yes, and it was the most beautiful night. That night the two got close, I saw them how they made love , in the way that they haven’t done in a year. It is a nice feeling to know that you helped someone, even for the money. It was a life experience, I got a lots of money , I visited places that maybe I just dreamed of and they left me all the clothes that they bought me.
E. Q. If you will have the chance to repeat something like that, would you say yes?
A. Of course. Proffesional escorts live a luxurious life and I prefer people like this, polite and with money. I wish you to have the luck to experience something like this, to see the beauty of this job.

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