In the morning

11th April, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It’s a gloomy morning

you still sleep squeezing in your arms the pillow which keeps the warmth of my body.

In the morning


I prepared the breakfast and I arranged the table how I like to do it when I am in great mood and I have a reason! It’s not that big a deal, it matters just the gesture , to be made with care, and especially the atmosphere matters a lot… the rose is not missing, alongside a spic of wheat and a candle. Everything is ready and I wait for you to wake up. I go in the shower , I want to be ready, fresh and pure as morning dew. I don’t hear or feel anything, beside the water flowing on my body. I stay with my face up feeling the warm touch of the water. I don’t think about anything else, it is just good. When I open my eyes you are in front of me. You look at me and you smile naughty. You come next to me in the shower. We begin to kiss wildly on the lips, we embrace our cold bodies, like we waited for such a long time! The hands are touching every inch of our skins. You kiss my mouth, neck and shoulders, you go down my breasts, you play with your tongue on my skin, kissing me passionately. It feels so damn good! Everything must be repeated because the water washes everything. Small bites, you play with me, and your hands go up and down leaving traces on my hot body. Your mouth spoils every inch of my body, then it goes down and down to the navel. You feel how my body is trembling with pleasure. You like that, to make me feel pleasure, that is what I love about you that you are not selfish in bed, that means you love me. Your lips united with my femininity. Just a slow breath on my pussy, like a sweet breeze. Then you kiss it wildly, you touch it. Your tongue slips easily up and down, it searches for that sensitive spot. You lick it, kiss it, you spoil it, you suck it, wonderful sensations. Your tongue moves with delicacy, wet and hot. “Such a good taste you have!” I hear you again saying. Your tongue moves faster and faster. You go suddenly on that spot. You continue to lick and kiss, to suck wildly and you feel the orgasm reaching. I pull your hair, pushing you there alongside with the rhythm of your tongue in there. You feel me vibrating with pleasure. “Faster!” You hear me say. “Mhmhmmmm” and you continue to suck and lick. “Now”! Faster and faster. You turn me with my back at you and you penetrate me from behind, inch by inch, feeling the last spasms of my orgasm. We kiss. The silence gets on my body but I want you all inside me. The desire is strong. I push myself in you, at first slow, deep and then faster. I feel the desire bigger and bigger. Our bodies are moving in the same pace, faster and faster. You grab my waist pushing me inside you faster and faster. I respond to you in the same way. It is so good! I feel your hardness, your desire. “Now!” There are contractions, heat, lovely wetness. In a moment I am on my knees and I suck with power, receiving the lifeblood of your overwhelming orgasm. You cannot stand anymore, you sit next to me and you kiss me deep, feeling the wonderful taste of love. I turn off the water and I return in the room. You still sleep. Much better, I sneak beside you in bed. You have your skin wet, I caress you easily with my cheek on your shoulder. I tickle you with my hair. You are trembling. I go down with my lips from your temple, on the nose, I stop a little on the top lip. I just touch you slowly. I don’t wanna wake you. I kiss your ear, I lick it. You move , you breath deep and I smile. You let the pillow and you turned on your back. I touch your chest with my hair, then with my lips, inch by inch. I go down and your skin thrills at my touch. I stop to listen to your heart beat. I like to taste you. I put my tongue around your navel. Slowly I put my lips near your penis and I feel how it gets harder. I begin to touch your penis, to spoil it, I touch it, I caress it with my lips and tongue. I kiss it slowly. It is very hot and I love it! You are almost up but you like to feel the sensations. Your eyes are still closed, but you breath faster, I continue to spoil you. I take your penis between my lips. I feel it how it grows and it fills up my mouth. Then I go up slowly on it with my tongue. I play with my tongue on its head, I make circles around it. I go down again and I take it more firmly between my lips. I take it out a little from my mouth and I admire it. It looked like it was never that big… I was feeling proud because I did that. I caress it with my cheek, I like its soft touch. I grab it with my right hand and I start to rub it. I look at you. You really didn’t wake up? I accelerate my moves. I take it in my mouth and I begin to suck it with power. My lips are squeezing it with power. I hear you moaning with pleasure. I like what I am doing, I like how I feel, I like to hear you. I am so horny and excited that I didn’ t realize the moment when my left hand was touching the spot in my pussy. Your body began to move like mine, you were pushing harder and faster. You want to enter all inside me and I want to receive you all of you. I want it all. I feel the sperm coming, I want it, it fills my mouth, it is hot, it is good, the life elixir. You wake up dizzy feeling the taste of love. You don’t have the time to fully recover because I put my pussy on your face, I start rubbing it on your face, you are licking me with lust. “Ahhhh, ahhh!” Where are we? In Paradise for sure. In seventh heaven I guess. Those sensations are magical. After that you penetrated me. Your penis invades the interior of my body. Your hands are now playing with my full breasts. You move slowly, then faster. Nothing is more pleasant than that sensation. The bed is trembling. We both tremble with passion and pleasure, when the orgasm gets the both of us. The warmth of your sperm invades my body. Then you kiss my forehead, exhausted but satisfied at the same time. This is the best way of getting tired and also lose a lot of calories, by having sex. It is a pleasant way and also gives good results. I was feeling happy and I was having an inner peace, feeling complete and safe in your strong arms. The feeling of protection that I was always wanted. I am very lucky indeed.

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