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24th May, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Aberdeen

Probably most of us don’t really know what ‘escorts’ are and what they do for a living.

Over the years there has been a growing interest in this field, more and more girls choosing to be escorts instead of doing something else. Even if most people confuse escorts and prostitutes, the differences are quite obvious and the job is more complex than what we might think. In order to find out more things about how it is to be an escort, we decided to interview one of the girls registered on our website.

My Naughty Scotland: Hello! How are you, Eve?
Eve: I am fine, thanks; just a little sleepy…

My Naughty Scotland: Sorry to wake you up at this hour. What is your schedule like?
Eve: Well, I don’t have a predefined scheduled. Whenever a client needs me, I’m in, no matter the hour.

My Naughty Scotland: So, even if someone calls you at 7 o’clock in the morning, you don’t mind being woken up?
Eve: No. This is my job and this is where the money comes from. Besides this, I am used to it.

My Naughty Scotland: That’s very interesting; I mean it takes lots of devotion and responsibility. Tell me a little about your free time, do you have plenty or not? Please describe a typical day.
Eve: I don’t generally have much free time but that depends on the day. There are days when my phone rings continuously and days when I only receive one call. However the first situation is more frequent. I start the day in different ways. Sometimes I lay in bed for several hours and watch cartoons, other times… er




My Naughty Scotland: You watch cartoons? That’s so nice, I also like cartoons. Sorry for the interruption.
Eve: Yes, I really enjoy watching Tom & Jerry and other tales. Who said grownups can’t watch cartoon? When I’m not in the mood to watch cartoons I begin my day with some decent workout which lasts 2 or 3 hours. All this can be cancelled if somebody needs me immediately. It often happens to receive urgent calls and to get ready as soon as I can for a client needs my company on different purposes.

My Naughty Scotland: Do they come at your place or the reverse?
Eve: Both. I work both incall (when they want to come at my place) and outcall (when they need me outside the city or the country).

My Naughty Scotland: Cool. And do they treat you well orhow are men who request your services?
Eve: Most of them are respectful men who don’t have to pay for an escort to be with a woman. They choose my services, I think, because I am a professional and I can manage any kind of situations (for instance a business meeting). Some of them are regular clients who like me for being a good listener and a very friendly person. Each of my clients is different and hires me for different reasons. Once I was called by a depressed man who was going through a divorce. Luckily, in time I managed to help him overcome it, to be more confident and to be happy again. We are now good friends. However, I also deal with bad people who don’t treat me so well…

My Naughty Scotland: Sorry if I’m being indiscreet butcould you share one of these kinds of experiences with us?
Eve: That’s ok. Well, you can never guess how your date will be just by talking on the phone. One of my worst experiences was last summer when I was contacted by a guy who wanted me to go at his place. At first he was gentle to me but he began wanting for morehe just couldn’t understand that escorts are not prostitutes and he began being aggressiveI don’t really want to talk about this right now.

My Naughty Scotland: I am sorry to hear thatBut since you mentioned it, do you ever have sex with your clients?
Eve: No, I usually don’t. I just charge for my time and my company. However, it did happen to have sex with some of my clients, but this happened only because I wanted to and because I liked them. If we are attracted to each other, I don’t see what the problem is.




My Naughty Scotland: I understand. I forgot to ask you for how many years you have been doing this.
Eve: For 5 years.

My Naughty Scotland: And did you ever considered doing something else?
Eve: When I was little I wanted to be a cop. I studied psychology and even if I am not a psychologist, the university helped me a lot in my job. I now understand better the people around me.

My Naughty Scotland: Ok Eve, last question: what are your plans for the future?
Eve: I don’t use to plan every moment of my life. I enjoy living every moment as it is the last one. However, I must confess I’d really like to be a real psychologist in the future. Not now, when I’m older! (laughing)
My Naughty Scotland: Ok Eve, thank you a lot for answering our questions. I am sure many people, such as clients or young girls who want to become escorts, consider this interview helpful. Have a nice day and thank you again!

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