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20th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Glasgow

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Things can get even further that you have initially planned with this escort and the reason is simple: she will revive all your sinful desires and make them be part of reality.

This devastating beauty will overwhelm you with energy and satisfaction, while your date promises to be an earth shattering experience. Today’s escort will turn your reunion from a common GFE experience, into an erotic twosome that will shake your body and mind for quite some time!

Take some moments and read this mysterious interview that will definitely convince you that she is the perfect companion for tonight. Seduction is her secret! Take her everywhere and for sure you will get your share of pure pleasure!

‘I am that devilish woman that will taste every inch of your body and fill it with intense emotions and feelings. I’ll cure you of every trace of shyness or depression! Just call me and let’s have a great time together! I promise this will only be the beginning!’  (Kelly, 27, Glasgow)

Q: What should we know about you?

Hey guys, my name is Kelly and I am currently working in Glasgow. I have been a lady of pleasure only for one year or so, but I believe I have enough time to gain more experience in this domain in the near future. During this period of time, I had passed through situations of all sorts, therefore I have become a stronger woman; I am proud of my personal achievements!

Q: Do you think there is an age limit to be successful as an escort?

Well to be honest, I don’t believe that success has anything to do with the age. If you are good at what you do, you will inevitably become a successful woman. With a little bit of passion and dedication you will become successful!

Q: Does this job help you in your personal development?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this job helped me become stronger and more confident. I am now more aware of my personal qualities and of my sex appeal. From this point of view, this job helped me a lot.

Q: Is this job difficult for you?

It depends on how you see this matter. As an independent escort you always have to dress fashionable and sexy. For this to happen, you have to always be in a great shape.  You need to look slim, therefore you need to make several sacrifices to keep your body fit. You also need to pay more attention to the food you eat, and physical efforts must be made on a daily basis. So, it is difficult sometimes!

Q: Have you had any conflicts with other escorts?

Only the usual stuff, jealousy and envy. But, I just tend to ignore them all. Some of these girls just cannot accept that I am more beautiful or more successful than them. And this is why they want to quarrel, but listen up girls: I am not into fights, so you should calm yourselves.

Q: How often do you attend gym classes?

At least five times per week sounds OK for me, but unfortunately this does not happen all the time and the reason is simple: I am a lazy person. However, I am very lucky with my metabolism; it works great!

Q: Have you made any sacrifices to become the person you are today?

Of course that I’ve made sacrifices, and many… No one can be successful without sacrifices. It just doesn’t work that way. For instance, the main sacrifice I had to make was to move to another town, for fear that my parents will find out about my job.

Q: So, your family does not know about your job… But what about your friends?

Yeah, my family does not know about my profession. In what concerns my friends, only two of my best friends know about this hidden secret. They support me and have nothing to reproach me. I am overage, so I’m free to do whatever I want with my life.

Q: What does your family know you do for a living?

They know that I work in the customer support department. I usually don’t give them so much details about what I do. If they know that I am happy and safe, they don’t put a lot of questions! They should have no worries because I am old enough now.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

My friends tell me that I am workaholic, so no I don’t have time for any hobbies. I like to go shopping but this is a girl matter. I believe we all have this issue. I cannot name this as a hobby.

Q: Did any client caught your attention in particular?

Hmm, it happened to me one time, but it was nothing special; it flew rapidly. The chemistry was there too, but nothing more. It happened just on one single date, but if he didn’t call me back, this means it was chemistry just from my point of view. This is life and we just have to get along with it! Bad luck, I might say…

Q: For how long do you think you will continue to be an escort?

I’ll be an escort for as long as it will be OK for me, for as long as I will be happy as an escort. When things will get a wrong turn, I’ll certainly quit. There is nothing that can make me stay if I don’t want to. It is certainly not shameful to quit your job, if it does you harm.

Sexy courtesan

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Q: Tell us your life motto!

‘It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. ‘

In other words, it is far much more important to know yourself, to be in full control over yourself than anything else in this world. Spend time with yourself; discover your strong points and your weaknesses, discover your Do’s and Don’ts. You must always know what your body is capable of and what he doesn’t like. It is a treasure that no one can take away from you.

Q: Be honest please. Do you like your job?

Yes, I like it. It is not the perfect job, but it works for me just fine. It makes me happy and it provides everything I need in life: money and satisfaction. I don’t usually listen to what others have to say about me, therefore discrimination usually does not affect me. However, if you are smart enough and know how to avoid these types of situations then you should be more than happy: you have an undercover job, which makes the mystery even bigger!

Q: Would you recommend it to your friends?

Yes. And the main reason is because this profession can really help you better understand yourself, it can help you discover yourself. If you are made for this job, you will find it from the early beginning; if not you will have no other option but to quit. You need to have certain skills to thrive here! But, what can I say: Success ladies!

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