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24th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Inverness

Read a memorable interview with Dena, a sexy courtesan

As every escort has their own story Dena has hers too. She is a hot lady of pleasure in Inverness and she is always looking for a thrill in her life. She is a well-educated woman, highly ambitious…

and energetic.

Sexy courtesan

Source: VIP escort

What is more, she loves to satisfy especially masculine taboo desires! Therefore, if you are in for a laugh, don’t hesitate to book her because you will have the time of your life! Her juicy features and her remarkable personality will certainly impress you! She might be your confidant, your companion or your lover! She will be there every step of your way!

Q: What should we know about you?

I am that eccentric woman, that everyone secretly admires. I have the courage to dress just the way I want and enjoy life without thinking about what the world would say about me. I honestly don’t listen to people, I only listen to myself and to my own principles.

I am in favor of the statement: ‘We only have one life, so let’s not waste it’. Consequently, I do everything I can not to be constricted by society’s rules.

Q: Why did you choose this profession?

Whether you like to satisfy men, or you just love money, there are plenty of reasons for which you might choose to become a self-employed escort. Take my example, for me the reason was simple: I just wanted to make the most of my time and just spend it with people who appreciate me.

I’ve learned a lot as a call girl and I honestly believe it helped me very much in my personal development. Even though it is a highly discriminated job, it has a special mystery that simply attracts me!

Q: What motivates you to continue to do this job?

The most important thing for me is that at the end of the day I am a happy woman. It is my strong opinion that this is probably the thing that should count the most in life: to be happy and content with your life. I get into contact with so many people and I get to experience unique sensations every day. In the morning I just lay in bed thinking how lucky I am.

That innocent smile makes me continue this work!

Q: What attracts you to this fascinating world?

I really enjoy the high life and every girl who works as an escort has the privilege to savor an upscale lifestyle. Since I was a little girl I wanted to spend my time with quality people who value money and enjoys it. And nowadays, I am capable to afford myself everything that I want: fine cars, a huge house and tons of friends; all thanks to being this profession. As I look back, I am aware that no other job would have given me the same opportunities and this is why I am proud of myself that I’ve managed to do something with my life, to surpass my initial life condition!

Q: What do you think about people who discriminate you?

I am really a self-balanced woman and I don’t usually waste my time listening to what people say about me. I don’t care and I believe this is not their business; what I do with my life should be my only concern!

However, we have to be realistic and know that even if we like it or not, we all live in this society therefore we have to follow some common rules. But I must be clear from the beginning: I listen to my own rules! I try not to attract too much attention on me, but at the same time, I do whatever I want. My neighbors probably think that I am a freak because I am totally not a sociable person, but I don’t care. I go on with my life as nothing happens. I don’t want to be friends with my neighbors either!

Q: Incall or outcalls?

I mostly do incalls, this is why I’ve mentioned the story about my relationship with my neighbors. I do outcalls too, however not as often. I feel much more comfortable in my own environment and feel safer as well.

Q: What do you mostly do as an escort?

My main occupation is to entertain my clients, to keep them company and make them relax. However, I am also their friend, their confidant and their lover. It happened to me more than once to have dates with my regular clients who only wanted to talk to someone, to get an honest advice from someone not involved in that particular situation. I try to make them emotionally stable and give them confidence. Sometimes I may be called a genuine therapist!

Q: Why do gentlemen come to you?

The majority of them come because they want someone who can fulfill their needs without judging them. Some might just try this once, but others, become my regulars.

There are many reasons why clients chose me as their companion: I am open-minded and I am not afraid to try anything which might make them happy and fulfilled! Some might have marriage issues, while others only want to have sex with a woman other than their wife! We are all different, so everyone has their own reason.

Q: Have you ever fallen in love with your clients?

It happened to me more than once. I am that type of women who falls in love rapidly, but whose love disappears as fast as it has appeared. If the chemistry is there, I will probably fall in love. It is my luck or not, but I get into contact with handsome gentlemen who shake my world from the ground. This is why I love this world. It fascinates me!

Q: How did this job help you?

Apart from the financial issues, this job helped me better understand myself and better understand manhood. I am now confident about my actions under the sheets and not only. During my working hours I am a very sociable person, and this got me many jobs. A fact is undoubtedly true: escort services changed me a lot from many points of view!

Q: Does pornography attracts you too?

No, it doesn’t! I limit myself to escort services only! That is a totally different job and it doesn’t attract me at all! Professional escort services have nothing to do with the porn industry!

Q: What is your main quality?

I am a great conversationalist! I love to talk and I really believe communication helps us a lot nowadays! It is the key to a solid relationship! Through communication we unveil a part of ourselves, which aids to support the development of today’s society!

Q: In short, do you love what you do for a living?

Yes! I’ve definitely found my dream job!

Q: Would you recommend this job?

I haven’t thought about this! It’s a difficult question because it involves many variables, therefore I don’t want to give you a clear answer. Pass!

Q: Any last words?

Thank you for this interview! I felt great, and see you soon!

‘Do the best you can and never give up. Success is not by Chance it’s by Choice.’ (Dena, 32, Inverness)

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