What men think of an escort?

18th October, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Escort interviews

Q. We talked so much about how it is to be an escort, if you like what you do, but we never talked about what men want from an escort?

A. They want you to accentuate your curves, they act like you are like a colleague to them and they are attracted to you sexually, they want to be understood and they don’t want to be noodged, they don’t want the escorts to exagerate with the sexy outfits.

Q. Why men need the escorts?
A. Men may need an escort when they are divorced. Many times to see an escort do more good to them than to see a psyhologist. If they need to talk about what is going on in their lifes, they are in the right place because an escort will never judge them, they won’t give them advice, they will just listen and they will help with the suffering. Men want discretion.

What men think of an escort

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Q. Some men feel frustrated because they pay for an escort , in place of a woman who doesn’t need to be payed.
A. Some of them have this issue at first but they finnally realize that being with an escort it is an advantage because although you have to pay for her you don’t have problems, you don’t have to involve in a relationship, to visit her parents, you don’t have to fight with her because you want to go out with the boys or to be careful what to say in order not to offend her. A relationship it is more expensive than to do sex with money and being listened and understood by an escort.

Q. Men came back to the same escort?
A. If they felt good and they liked her and they had something to talk with her, they would definetely return to her, if not they will look for somebody else. It is like a normal relationship with an ordinary woman. They won’t stay in a relationship if they don’t feel good, not even just for sex, or just for a few times because they are very needy, but because they pay some money they have the pretention that she is perfect.

Q. What men think about the money they pay for an escort?
A. Some men pay a lot of money when they are involved in a relationship. Sometimes they need to be very romantic, they need to take the woman at some places, to buy her gifts to be in bed with her, sometimes also after they acheive that.

Q. What do you think that is the men’s opinion about the escorts?
A. Some of them think that we are easy women, they are even behaving ugly, but there are also men who are curious to find out why do we do this, to listen to our story and they don’t judge us, and even if they do, they don’t do it in front of us.

Q. Why do you think that men are escorts too? This job seems to me to be suitable for a woman, not for a man. What do men think about the men escorts?
A. Obviously it is more suitable for women, I don’t see something interesting for a man to be an escort, but it is real. There are women also who need men like that. Men who need men are weird in front of many of us, obviously, even though we live in a free country and people have gone in different countries and saw many weird things or at least some of these situations. Some men adapted to this situation for money. Women also need men, and if they don’t have one at home or they are not satisfied with their partner, if they have money they call an escort. It happends to have a male friend who does that and he gains a lot of money. Men are rarely in this job and that’s why they are called by rich women and old ones. I don’t know what men think about a woman who needs a male escort, but I don’t think it is a good opinion, in general men are allowed, women are not. If a woman does that she is misinterpreted.

Q. It happened to you to be blamed by a man because you are an escort or did a man try to change your opinion about doing this?
A. It happened to me to be blamed by friends, but not clients. I don’t know if someone will dare to do that, they come to feel good. It was a client who wanted to change my mind about this job, he offered me a lot of money to be only his. He was a very old man who I couldn’t be all the time. I couldn’t suffer an old man by my side, to control me, not even for all the money in the world. I will quit when I will want that. In generally I do what I want and what I desire, I don’t accept advice.

Q. Did it happen to hear something bad from a client about one of your colleagues? Not necessarilly to give names.
A. Yes, he was my client and I had a vacation and he called other escort and he wasn’t pleased, he told me different ugly things, like she wasn’t so tidy with herself. I admit that it didn’t seem nice to me but I couldn’t say him nothing because I was payed to do what he wanted and I had to listen.

In conclusion, whatever the mens’ opinion about escorts would be, we don’t need to care about that and do what we want anyway.

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