The weirdest things I did as an escort

20th August, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Perth

My life as an escort – The weirdest things clients asked me to do

Do you want to find out more about what professional escort services really mean? Well, this is our interview with Melinda, a 30-year-old escort, living in Scotland, Perth.

MyNaughtyScotland: Hey Melinda! Thank you very much for your time.

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Melinda: Hello. Nice to finally meet you!

MyNaughtyScotland: We are here today because many of our readers want to find out more about this fascinating world, the world of escorts. Either that they want to become escorts and they need some sort of advice, or because they want to find out some spicy stuff, we are very interested in your life.

Melinda: Oho, I have many things to share with you guys.

MyNaughtyScotland: Well, let’s start by telling us how long have you been an escort?

Melinda: To be honest, I have been a lady of pleasure, as I prefer to call myself, since I was 21-year-old.

MyNaughtyScotland: So, I believe you’ve had some crazy experiences as an escort. How were for you the first encounters with a client?

Melinda: Oh my God! I don’t even want to recall that experience. It was awful. I was so clumsy. I didn’t know what was appropriate to do and what was not. But in the end, he was a gentleman and helped me to get over my shaky start. He took the lead and did everything he wanted with me. Nowadays, I don’t allow them that much… At the end of the date, I had the money and that was it. By the way, with the money I’ve earned from my first date, I’ve bought myself a pair of shoes to remember my initial investment. From this point of view, it was great! You know, since then he had not called me not even once. I did not wonder why he didn’t. It is obvious.

MyNaughtyScotland: But, nowadays do you have regular clients?

Melinda: Yes, almost every client I have is a regular one. Some call me twice a week, others twice a month. It depends on their schedule. Anyway, I have the chance to meet some public figures, some breathtaking panoramas and some of the most expensive restaurants. This job like others too, has its pros and cons.

MyNaughtyScotland: Yes, no wonder… To continue, can you tell us what was the weirdest thing a client asked you to do?

Melinda: Yes, I find no reason not to share this with you, but only if you can keep a secret (laughing). Once I had a client who asked me to massage his face with my feet. For me that was really awkward, but at the same time I had fun. Now if I’m thinking of that situation I don’t know what to say. It was strange, but it was his pleasure and my job is to satisfy each and one of my clients, so I did it.

MyNaughtyScotland: (smiling) Yes, you’re right. But do you do anything, I mean anything, a client asks you to do?

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Melinda: Hmmm, it depends. I am an open-minded person; as a result, for the appropriate sum of money, I would do almost anything, as long as it is something safe for me. In other words, I would not get hurt.

MyNaughtyScotland: Great! My next question is about your beginning in this sex industry. What made you enter this world? What has attracted you to become an independent escort?

Melinda: Many things. Since an early age, I have been curious about this profession. For me it is like any other job, this is where my money comes from, therefore I try to do my best and keep my clients close. To be honest I’ve wanted to earn easy money and I didn’t know how. The only thing I was good at was sex and socializing. So, I tried to guess what was the most appropriate job for me, until I found it and now I am glad I did.

MyNaughtyScotland: And how did you start? What were your first steps?

Melinda: Well, I’ve contacted an escort agency, I’ve met a lady there and she gave me the details I was looking for. With her help, I’ve met a girl, who was already an escort, we’ve become friends and she helped me take the first steps. I’ve told you already it was difficult for me at the beginning, but nowadays I would not change this job, for any other one in this world. It is perfect for me!

MyNaughtyScotland: Oh, I see. And what about your family? Does your mother or father know what you do for a living?

Melinda: Yes of course, they know. I’ve been a lucky girl since I was little. My family is extremely open-minded and allowed me to do whatever I’ve wanted. After all, it is my body, my life and my time.

MyNaughtyScotland: Yes, I know, but some parents just cannot accept this job. They are too traditional in the way they think.

Melinda: You’re right. But this was definitely not my case. I was lucky, as I said before.

MyNaughtyScotland: So, little by little you’ve entered this world. Are you a happy woman right now, looking back at the past? You know there are so many jobs out there, and you’ve chosen to become an escort. Oh, and something more, I’m curious to find out what do you do when you’re not working?

Melinda: So many questions(laughing) you have curious readers, I suppose.

MyNaughtyScotland: Yes! (laughing) They want to know so much about you!

Melinda: Well, to answer your first question I am very pleased with my job. I am a happy woman. I have no regrets, and I enjoy every moment of my life. I wouldn’t change a thing. I have fun all the time, I have sex, a lot of sex, I have money and I visit some of the best places in the whole world. I don’t waste my time, because I know I will not get it back. We have only one life so we should take advantage of it. What more could I wish for?

MyNaughtyScotland: What about my second question? What do you normally do, when you do not have to work?

Melinda: I am a normal person, you know. I sleep a lot and rest. I shop and try to relax. I hang out with my friends, watch movies and eat popcorn. I don’t know what should I say, because honestly I don’t do anything out of the ordinary. I’m me and this is all.



MyNaughtyScotland: Do your friends know about your job?

Melinda: Yes, I don’t hide this kind of things to anyone. I don’t think I have any reasons to do this. If they accept me, it is OK, if not, I’m sorry. I don’t usually waste my time on anything, especially on people who do not deserve me.

MyNaughtyScotland: You’re totally right. Now one of my last questions, because I know you have to go to work.

Melinda: Yes, as a matter of fact I have a date in just half an hour.

MyNaughtyScotland: It is a bit funny, but have you ever dated a married person?

Melinda: Yes, I did.

MyNaughtyScotland: And have you accidently met that person together with his wife?

Melinda: Yes (smiling) it happened to me once. I was shopping for some food and suddenly I saw him. I wouldn’t tell you his name, because I can’t. It is all about confidentiality with me. We’ve both looked at each other at the same time. Luckily, I’ve had that awkward feeling that something was not right and did nothing. The following moment I saw his wife. He blinked at me and that was it. He smiled at me and left. He called me the other day, we had a chat a little bit and this was it. I confess, it was a little bit odd, but this is life. What can we do?

MyNaughtyScotland: Oh, yes, what an encounter you had.

Melinda: Yes!

MyNaughtyScotland: Well, thank you very much for your time and for the fact that you have wanted to share with us a part of your life. I confess to you that it was interesting to find out more about you and more about this intriguing life. Maybe we’ll meet again sometime!

Melinda: Yes, I’ve really liked this encounter.

MyNaughtyScotland: Thank you once again! Have a nice date and day!

Melinda: Haha (laughing)! Thank you!

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