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Live your dreams but keep a balance in your life!

‘It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.’ (Philip Green)

Have you ever thought about how important is the time you spend with your family? Money cannot compensate your absence in the heart of your own family!



Always stay focused on your goals, but more importantly keep your life perspectives. There are an infinite number of chances in life to get lost from life’s joys. But do you know what the secret is? Always realize when you are really lost and find your way back!

All the job promotions, opportunities and the rewards available out there may turn out to be just useless for the happiness of your family in the end!

Everything is possible in life, as long as you believe in it! Your perseverance and the ability to always learn from failure will set the rhythm between harmony and chaos!

Success is such a debatable subject from various reasons… What does it mean to have a successful life? Does it mean to have enough money to survive? To be emotionally comfortable? To have a huge family or to have a prestigious career? It depends on each individual!

We are all different; therefore it is easy to see why there are always choices to be made and consequences to be endured! Set your own success lines and enjoy them cleverly!

Hear out the following story and think about your present life! Learn from your mistakes so that you will not make them in the future!

Prioritize your time so that you will not regret it afterwards…

The story of life balance!

‘There’s always more demands than there’s time to meet them, so it’s constantly a matter of trying to balance them.’ (Marc Andreessen)

A man was doing everything for his family, including staying at work late so as to gain additional money! Life was hard and his wage could never cover up all the expenses of the family…

‘There are many things to buy and I’m very unhappy that my kids cannot afford everything they want! Starting from tomorrow, in the evenings I’m going to attend some private classes so that afterwards I’ll find a better job! This also means that I’ll earn more money!’

‘But baby, you will have no time left for us!’

‘Yes, but you just have to understand that I’m doing all this for you! I want that you and the kids not to suffer anymore because we do not have enough money to pay the bills!’

The night passed… His wife was upset but she had no other choice but to accept her husband’s decision!’

After some time the man graduated and got a better job, but with advantages and disadvantages as well. He earned more money for his family, but he had to stay at work till late, including during weekends.

His family complained and complained about this situation… He barely saw his kids once in a week and only for a couple of hours…



‘Do you know what my darling!? A promotion is available at the office, and I’m going to get it!’

‘Oh, I’m so happy for you!’


‘What ‘but’? Come on my darling, tell me…’

‘Well, I have to travel a lot… and I do not know how much time per year I’m going to be at home with you guys…’

‘Oh my God… Per year??? Don’t tell me this! I do not want more money! I just want to spend time with you and the kids. Do you know that our kids cry each and every night because they miss their dad?’

‘Yes, I know! But I’m doing all this for you and them to enjoy better facilities and comfort. We’ll get a new house; I’ll promise we’ll hire a maid so that you do not have to work that hard every day; maybe we’ll buy a car too! It will be easier for us… for you! Remember I’m doing this only for your sake! Don’t cry my baby! I love you and the kids very much!’

‘Come and stay with us! You do not have time for us anymore!’

The night passed and the husband went to work…

‘Honey… I’ve got the promotion! I’ll have a huge salary and you can have whatever dream car you wish!’

‘Oh… okay! When do you have to leave?’

‘Tomorrow… But, I’ll come back in two months time…’

A year passed and the time spent with his family got shorter and shorter…



The family was sadder and sadder… It was like the harmony was slowly but surely disappearing instead of getting better and better!

After two years…

‘Honey, I’ve made a decision…’


‘From tomorrow there will be no travelling and no work. I believe we have earned enough money so that we can live from now on happily and decently. And guess what? We’ll have the chance to spend some more time together with the kids. I’m so sorry for all the lost time…’

‘I cannot believe my ears! Is this really true? Are you quitting your dream job for your family!?’


The following day, the man had a heart attack and suddenly died!

Was all this really worth it?

Money cannot compensate everything in life!

‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.’ (Colin Powell)

Every privilege and facility requires time and effort! There are boundaries that never need to be crossed so that the balance to be maintained!

Deadlines, stress and lack of time… Does happiness has its main roots in money? Some may totally disagree with this statement… Challenges are always there, you just have to spot them and see if they are worth your effort!

There is always the temptation to work much more than it is required for an increasing amount of money… We seem to never have enough… The more we have, the more we spend it!

The character, the pleasures of life may be the perfect representation of the utmost temptation in life! Turn up your sleeves and start working, but whenever you do this keep your head on your shoulders and never exaggerate!

There is always a safe way to turn yourself into a workaholic but without actually realizing this! Always ask yourself: what is the most valuable aspect for you in life – family or money!? Because it appears that there are so few of us who have really found the secret in having them both.

Most of us are still searching for it!

Money can stress your life balance!

‘I think the person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for the money – has turned himself into a slave.’ (Joseph Campbell)

All things in life are difficult to achieve, but if we know to manage them properly everything is possible!



Satisfaction, prestige and a good reputation turn out to be much more important for more and more people nowadays. However, exaggeration is what makes all these damaging…

It is a common believe that there is no strict path towards success. Everyone discovers a bit of it or his own way… But what is the price for success? Dedication, determination or sacrifice?

Work can sometimes be a serious criterion for observing human character… Some chose to convert themselves into slaves, while others choose the opposite – to be jobless. Either way you see this issue, it does not sound to me as the middle path… Choose right!

‘Anything can be accomplished if we are willing to pay the right price!’

Keep your dreams alive and hope for the best. You always have the opportunity to fight for what you want. The key however stands in your ability to find the perfect equilibrium that will not damage your personal life while your professional life thrives…

Keep a work-life balance and you will forever be happy and pleased! Being a wise individual guarantees you a successful life both in what concerns your career and your personal life. Remember it only depends on you!

‘There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with any sort of balance or sacrifice.’ (Simon Sinek)

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