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30th May, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Story of an escort

I am a Glasgow escort. I began working as an escort three years ago, thanks to my best friend.

She was already in the field and she always had a lot of money, while I was jobless and poor as a church mouse. I had many temporary jobs but I had not found anything to fit me. What followed next was self-criticism and depression. I began hating myself, hating my life, hating everything around me, until one day.
My friend, Giselle, was an elite escort Glasgow. When she visited me and saw me so depressed, she started worrying so she advised me to work as an escort. I was very skeptical at the beginning because, in my point of view, being an escort was a shameful thing. After she left, I kept on thinking, and thinking and thinking. The idea of becoming an escort was my only solution, so I decided to give it a try.



I started my career by making a profile on a Glasgow escorts directory. I added my best photos and a short description although I was sure nobody would have called me since there were many other more beautiful girls than me, registered on the same website. Surprisingly, more men called me the same day I created my profile. I was shocked! The first person who called me was John, a man with a sweet voice. I was so shy that I could not even talk correctly. I did not want to make a full of myself so I tried, as much as possible, to talk as a professional escort. He said he wanted my company for two days because he was lonely so we arranged a meeting, at a famous Italian restaurant in Glasgow.

Before my first night as an escort, I spent about four hours on preparing myself for the great meeting: clothes, make-up, hair, nails, all had to be perfect! I got to the restaurant 15 minutes earlier so I sat at the table and waited for him. After 10 minutes, a tall man came in. He was blond, with blue eyes and he was wearing a black suit. When I saw him coming towards me, I was ready to sink into the earth with shame! He smiled and he kissed my hand, than he sat on the chair next to me and initiated a nice conversation. Thanks God he was such a gentleman! I could finally relax, forget about my strong emotions and because he created such a friendly atmosphere, I told him the truth, that he was my first client. When he found out that it was my first night as an escort, he was completely amazed but happy to be the first one to meet me.

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The two days we spent together were extraordinary! Thanks to the fact that I was sincere with him, John offered me the best time of my life. After dinner, we went to my place (he requiredincall’ service) and we had so much fun! I mean, do not let your imagination run wild; we played cards, we watched a horror movie (btw, I almost peed my pants because of it) and we told shocking stories of our livesI was really impressed with what he told me. Before meeting him, I thought men who request escort services are frustrated men, obsessed with women and sex! I realized I was very wrongJohn was a happy man on the outside and a very sad man on the inside. His wife had died a couple of years ago, leaving him and their 3 years-old boy alone. He told me how hard it was for him to raise a small child by himself and how many girls wanted to be with him just because he was rich. He also confessed that it was also his first time to request escort services. I was really amazed by his behavior and his life experience. Because we spent all the night telling our lives, we fell asleep at 5 o’clock in the morning. We did not wake up until noon.

The days after, he asked me three weird things I never did in my life and he made them happen: going to the zoo in bikini, eating ice-cream while riding a horse and going paragliding. Those were the best days of my life! I never had so much fun in my life. Even now, after three years, I can still remember every detail of that unique experience I had, thanks to John. What happened next? Well, my life improved; I was happier by day and I gained many friends by working as an escort. With regard to John, we became best friends and we are now like brother and sister. He still requests my services but it’s different than before. I do accept his money from time to time only because I need it, but it’s not like I am being paid for a service; it is rather a gift from a close friend. I really wanted to share this story of how my life improved, with everyone!

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