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12th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Edinburgh

A hot interview in Edinburgh

Today’s escort is more than some can have in a lifetime! She can be the perfect woman: many qualities and few defects! With her you should not be afraid to ask questions and learn new…

stuff behind closed doors, because she is an expert in this domain. You can enjoy the utmost GFE experience as you will savor some captivating shapes that will be very hard to forget! Have your fresh start with this Edinburgh escort!

Q: Introduce yourself

Are you looking for a memorable date? Then, you shall search no more because I am your ideal answer. I am a good-looking woman, with an angelic appearance and a huge desire to meet new men from all over the world. I will make sure you will remember our date! I love spending my time with fabulous and high-quality people. Moreover, I always try to stay out of trouble, taking into account that being an Edinburgh pleasure lady involves many risks. If you want a booking, then call me!

Q: Why did you choose this career?

Well, I must say that I had a pretty clear view of what I wanted for my life. I wanted success, money and happiness. And this job seemed to meet all my requirements. It was easy to make up my mind; this was and still is the profession I want for myself. I am an open-minded person; therefore, this job didn’t seem to be something too crazy for me. It was that perfect kind of job that caught my attention quite easily!

Q: How would your friends describe you?

They would definitely say that I am a spontaneous woman, unpredictable and a very good listener.  I always have proper advice to give and support when someone is in trouble. I am trustworthy, reliable and very ambitious. I have many qualities, but down sides as well. For instance, sometimes I can be moody and too talkative! I often say out loud what bothers me, therefore some might get offended!

Q: What motivates you?

I am often motivated by the idea that I must be a professional in my career and that I need to do a great job. I have a huge need for appreciation therefore, I do my best to satisfy my clients. I want to excel in my profession and there is no one who can stop me from doing this. I often try to get motivated in every domain that I get involved in, because I strongly believe that if there is no motivation, then you have almost nothing and you are very close to failure.

Q: What qualities do you think an escort should have?

First of all, an call girl should be beautiful and appealing. An escort should always look presentable and should attract positive attention on her. Moreover, she also needs to be confident and secure on her own qualities.  A successful call girl should be available at any time, she also needs to be charismatic and with a great vibe. Any date should be treated as an independent date. In other words, clients should not be aware of your personal problems, such as tiredness or depression!

Q: Do you own the above-mentioned qualities? Name others too.

Yes, I believe I own these valuable qualities and several others too. For instance, I am an understanding person, lovable and very affectionate with my clients. I am also loyal, friendly and versatile. With me, there cannot be any monotony or boredom. I am jovial and always full of energy! I am ready for new challenges and ready to satisfy any naughty needs. As a result, I can be the type of person that my clients desperately need in their lives! Try me…

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to sleep a lot and lie in bed while doing nothing… I am not such an active person in my personal life, because my profession requires a lot of energy. Therefore, I always try to be fresh in the evenings and conserve my energy during the daytime. I like to watch the latest movies with my friends and eat a lot of popcorn; just hang out and chat a lot…

Q: How do you cope with stressful situations?

I like to think that stress is not part of my life. How do I handle stress? Like everyone, I don’t know; I try to find suitable solutions for my problems in due time. I drink some teas for stress relief and that is it. I don’t get to feel stress very easily, but this stands in my own nature. From this point of view, I am very lucky because I am not a sensitive person, generally speaking.

Q: How was your life as a newbie?

Every beginning is difficult, but I am a very adaptable person. Only my first date was a little bit awkward, but then it all went smoothly. It’s not that hard to be a VIP escort, and mostly because you don’t have to pretend. You behave just like you are; you learn some tricks and then put them all into practice. I don’t think it’s that hard, so everyone can try it if they are a little bit open-minded.

Q: What do you appreciate the most in this job?

The easy money. I like to spend it as much as I like to earn it. Everything is part of our life. There is no such thing as a pink life, you have pros and cons and you should know how to handle them all. With a little bit of tact and intelligence, you can eventually find your way in life. Fortunately for me, it was not that hard to discover it!

Independent escort

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Q: Do you make sacrifices for this job?

Yes! I try to always be in my best shape, I am very careful with the food I eat and with the type of lifestyle that I have. Some might say that I don’t have a proper amount of time to spend with my family, as they live in another city. Taking all into account, I make several sacrifices to have this job!

Q: How important is your outfit for this job?

The outfit is determinative in this job. As a courtesan, you always need to wear appropriate clothes that should fit the occasion you are attending. It’s preferable to have stylish and expensive clothes. In short, you need to be a great-looking person and without a doubt, sexy and provocative!

Q: What do you dislike about this profession?

There is nothing that I dislike about this job, as awkward as it might sound. At least nothing comes up to my mind this very instant.

Q: Bust an escort myth

All escorts lie!

Some might lie, but others will simply tell you the truth or avoid that delicate subject. But not all the escorts lie! The majority will probably lie with respect to something closely linked to their personal life. But, I guess this is something that most of us can understand. Or not?

Q: Do you have any particular goals for your future?

To buy myself a large house and a Porche. I know, I know – I am a little bit too ambitious. But what can I do? I am a woman and I desire only the best for myself!

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