The Confessions of a Nymphomaniac – Chapter 27

14th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Nymphomaniac

Chapter 27 – My pierced nipples got him going

It is well known that staring at a woman’s cleavage for too long can instantly put you in the same category as pigs, losers and sexually obsessed guys. The question is why do women still lift

their breasts up to their necks, letting it pop out of the tight shirts, if they feel so offended when men look at their boobs?!

Sexy body


Coming from a woman, it is going to sound strange. Women love emphasizing their cleavage, not only because it makes them feel sexier, but also because they are aware of its superpower to earn more glances from men. However, whenever a woman catches a man staring at her cleavage, she feels like catching you in her trap and you suddenly become uninteresting. You are so busted!

This is part of women’s mystery. If you did not get it, think about your wife, yelling that you can go out for some drinks with your friends, claiming that she is not upset. Why is she yelling then? Women love intelligent men, who can read their thoughts and decode their body language. Paradoxically, once you passed the ‘cleavage test’, you also pass for a good guy, being more likely to get into her bed.

‘Hi, I don’t want to sound like a freak, but your boobs are so hot’

That is not my case. I have always loved when men looked at my boobs, this being the reason why I even got them pierced. My erect nipples, decorated with two special jewelries, are now the center of attention everywhere I go. This way, I get to attract only the men who would not say NO to a new sex experience, and scare away those who would make me lose my time. Getting intimate only after a week?! Come on…

‘Um, thanks’, I replied, looking at the other people around us and wondering if they could hear our conversation.

‘Where did you get them pierced?’

This is how a new episode of my sex confessions  started; at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, at a bus stop, wearing a quite large white blouse.

‘Do you know him?’

‘Yes, we went to the same university’

‘That’s madness’ I exclaimed, thinking how related we were all of a sudden. Knowing that I have fucked his colleague, the piercer, gave me the idea of keeping it in the family. What is ‘it’? You know what…

‘So, where are you headed?’

He was struggling to find new questions fast, fearing that once he stopped talking to me, I could have easily said something like ‘ok, bye’ and walked away; but this is something a nymphomaniac never does. Blowing up the chances of a new hot sexual encounter is like digging your own grave.

‘In the city center. My car is being serviced and I have a few errands to run. What about you?’

As I was talking, he struggled to look into my eyes, and only glanced at my boobs when I looked away. The situation was becoming so amusing, that I often coughed to avoid some hard laughing, when I noticed his pathetic glancing from the corner of his eye.

Have sex


‘This is quite a coincidence. I had a small accident two days ago and my car is also being repaired’ My bus was about to arrive, so I took one step away from him, forcing him to spare me the flirting story and get straight to the point. ‘Look. Before you leave, could give me your phone number so I can take you out for dinner?’

Touché! I gave him this nice innocent smile, and said ‘um, I don’t know. Dinner is not my idea of fun’ my words made him swallow heavy ‘but I suppose we can watch a movie together, at my house’ I added relaxed, to his great astonishment.

‘Cool! Is tonight ok?’

‘Sure’ I took my phone from my purse‘tell me your number’. The few errands I had to run consisted, among other things, in finding my new sex victim, but he could not guess that. Not every day you find a hot sex-addicted girl sitting at a bus stop. ‘And your name, of course,’ I added, as if I gave a shit about his name.

Later that day, after I got home from the city center, I took a fast shower and chose a nice outfit to welcome my guest. In less than one hour, I shaved my legs, did my make-up and my hair, put on a large pair of pants and a transparent pink blouse, and still had time for a ‘quickie’ with my faithful dildo.

My dildo looked delicious. I spit on it, caressed my clitoris with it several times until I got really wet, then stuck it deeply inside my pussy, filling myself with a great thrill of excitement. This precautionary measure needed to be undertaken right before he came, in case something went wrong and he did not want to have sex with me.

Two minutes later, he was at my door.

HeeeyI said excited ‘you brought me flowers. Come in’

‘Hi, sweetie. You are looking hot.’ His confident attitude assured me that he was not going to blow up his chances of fucking me and that everything was going according to plan. ‘I brought a movie, in case…’

‘That’s okay’ I interrupted ‘I already downloaded a great movie.’ Choosing the perfect movie was also a way to get him in my bed faster. The numerous sex scenes, shown from the very beginning of the movie were a total ‘must’, if I wanted to skip the introduction and go straight to action have you seen the last part of American Pie?’

‘American reunion?’

‘Don’t tell me you’ve already seen it’

‘No’ he said excited, making himself comfortable in bed ‘I wanted to see it so many times, but I simply forgot about it’ He was probably lying, because he realized my idea of movie was more exciting than his one – the boring but famous ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – can you believe it? That movie would make me fall asleep long before we would have even started kissing each other.

Sexy couple


Once I pressed the ‘play’ button, I slowly lowered myself onto his body, making him gasp with excitement. He subtly put one hand across my neck and bent his knee, letting me lay comfortably on his manly chest.

He looked like a 30 or 35 years old man, with big brown eyes, brown hair and a manly attitude. His large clothes did not show much of his body, so I was dying to find out if he had any hair on his chest, or how soft his skin was and, especially, what size his cock was.

‘That was so funny’ I laughed while watching the movie, touching his cock “by mistake”. ‘Oh, sorryI think I might have woke your friend up’

‘Don’t worry’ he laughed back ‘he was long awake’. Watching a movie with so many sex scenes and animalistic craving, while standing on the chest of a cute guy, who had a big boner in his pants, was the perfect time to start having fun.

‘Are you going to leave him like this?’ My hand slowly went down his chest, to his right leg. He was completely absorbed by my sensual gesture, feasting his eyes on my hand movements. But making the first step did not mean I was willing to make the second too. My hand stopped on his leg.

I was eager to see if he intended to get bold or leave everything to me. ‘I can’t do much for him, but you could…if you want’ he said, softly guiding my hand from his leg, to his excited dick. Feeling his cock so ultra-hard was everything I needed to get in the mood.

I slowly caressed his dick through his pants, enjoying his short gasps of satisfaction while being pleased by my skilled hand. He was, however, too horny to let me play with his cock for too long. The boy was ready to show me some love. And I was impatiently waiting for him to fuck the shit out of me!

He turned his face to me, wet my dry lips with his, and slowly pulled up my pink shirt, enjoying for a couple of seconds the hot view of my naked pierced tits.

‘What do you think’ I asked, seeing him staring so much at my tits, ‘hot or not?’

‘Even hotter than I’ve imagined’

His warm lips on my boobs made me release a quiet moan of pleasure. He kissed both my tits passionately and the area between them, then his mouth went lower, covering me with sweet kisses on my belly. Is he going to stop there, I asked myself, seeing his head going so down. No, he was not.


‘Shh’ he interrupted me fast, softly pulling down both my pants and my panties ‘I need to taste you’

Before I knew it, his tongue was already on my clitoris, slowly rubbing it in circles. He spread my legs wide and sank his head deeply between them. The boy got talent!I was so horny, but did not want to sound too pathetic, so I covered my mouth with one hand and used the other one to caress his head while he was pleasing me.

‘God’ I moaned quietly, as one of his fingers slid into my vagina. Once he started fingering me, I felt like he was sucking all the air out of me, making me want to climb the walls from so much sexual tension. He added the second finger and stuck them deep inside of me, while his tongue licked my clitoris with the speed of the light.

Red shoes


He looked extremely turned on by what he was doing to me, as he subtly let his cock pot out of his pants and started jerking off, while graciously licking my clitoris. I got so horny seeing him like that, jerking off in front of me, that I felt a massive wave of wetness coming out my pussy; he licked a part of it then licking his lips, and used the other part to wet the hand he was jerking off with.

Oh, I loved seeing him touching himself desperately while passionately going down on me. That moment everything I wanted was to gush hard all over his face. My body needed an explosion! I clenched all my leg and my vagina muscles, gnashed my teeth and released the deep final moan. It was THE moan, which made my sex partner hornier than ever.

I came.And I came so hard, that I actually saw my fluids squirting all over his face, while his three fingers pushed inside my cunt very deep and very fast.

‘Oh my God,’ my moans made him impatient to fuck me. He lifted up his head and stuck his hard cock inside my wet vagina, pushing himself hard into me. I felt all my vaginal muscles still contracting hard, from the intense orgasm I had reached, as well as need for release growing stronger.

Once he started thrusting harder and faster, he was out of control. He squeezed my hand and shot my cunt with spurts of semen, until I felt his balls pressing hard against my ass. The sensation was hard to explain. All I know was that the feeling of my vagina full of his cum got me really horny again.

He seemed pretty exhausted, so I gave him a two minutes rest. Then, I got on top of him and put his flaccid cock into my mouth, licking and stroking its small tip, until it got completely erect in my mouth.

Telling you the rest of the story would make me too horny! I gotta go back to my dildo now…

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