Top 10 types of sex you must try, with tips!

18th September, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Sex tips

Different kinds of sex that you need to spice up your private life!

Sex is one of the things that contribute to the couple’s consolidation. As a result, the way you have it is extremely important for your well-being. Sexologists state that there are ten types of…

sex each and one of us should try at least once in their lifetime.

Some even say that the more sex you have the more benefits you will feel. The level of stress will lower down and you will be much happier and ready for some more action.

Off-limits sex!

Lovemaking is more than just having orgasms or making your lover feel good, it keeps your relationship fresh and your body healthy. You need quality sex!



Every moment during the sexual intercourse should be tasted and enjoyed. Spice up your life and push your boundaries further. You need to be confident and everything will go naturally!

Expand the idea of sex and try to be creative!

Do you know that feeling when you are totally mad at him, but at the same time you find him hot as hell?! Well, the following ideas are based on the same feeling.

Do not be afraid to try new things in the bedroom. It will help you two stay connected. Play games or be original and spontaneous.

Sex can get predictable when you are involved in a long term relationship. Therefore you need, from now and then, to reignite the passion.

Top 10 types of sex

Here we present you a must-list that you should try.

Make-up sex



With all the efforts that we make, conflicts are inevitable. From time to time they happen to all of us. Well, after these conflicts are over, it is time for some fun. The type of sexual activity will help you bring back together the passion and the love you feel for your partner.

This type of sex is definitely one with a huge electric charge. Lovemaking can repair the damages you have made during the fight, and consequently the passion will get to a higher level. Now it is the perfect time to settle things down!

Sex tips: Let your imagination run wild and you will have some amazing moments! Sensually punish your lover!

Sex with a well-endowed stranger

This fantasy should at least once be put into practice. Always thinking about how it would be to have sex with someone who is well-endowed may dominate a lot of a woman’s mind. Sex with a stranger? What about the two ideas in one? I bet it sounds naughty! This is one of those enigmas that should not remain a mystery.

Sex tips: Take your chances and enjoy the moments! Be spontaneous and creative!

Sex with someone younger/older than you

Push the boundaries a little bit further and explore the unknown. How would it be to have sex with someone much younger or much older than you? It will certainly be something unique. Physical attraction can happen irrespective of the age, sex or location therefore if you fancy this idea, you should try it!

Everyone is different in bed; therefore, satisfying your sexual curiosities will also bring you new valuable knowledge. This earthshaking erotic action will make you enjoy the journey and not only the destination.

Sex tips: Seek all the opportunities life gives you and take advantage of them! Try everything available out there!

Role-play sex



We all have fantasies, especially sexual fantasies; but they should be brought to light! Communicate your desires and spice up your life. This is a creative way to avoid routine.

Role-playing allows you to be the one you have always dreamt to be, but this time without fear to be harshly judged. Embrace every moment and you will have a fantastic sex. Guaranteed!

Sex tips: Use stilettos, masks, handcuffs and all sorts of naughty toys to make it real. Enjoy the moments!

Sex in a public space/outdoor space

Having sex in places you are not supposed to, is risky. But this is exactly what makes this type of sex one of the most exciting ones. The creativity and the exuberance are the feelings that dominate this type of sexual intercourse. The idea of getting caught will spice up your life. Stay out of the public eye, so that you do not have legal problems!

Sex tips: Know his/her triggers and use them! Be creative!

Shower sex

A sensual type of intimacy that will make everything be even kinkier. Having mirrors in the bathroom will allow you to see all the action. The sexy steam and the permanent skin contact will make all be even hotter. Light some candles and burn calories!

Sex tips: This slice of life should be tasted too! Take your bite and be naughty!

Loud sex

Do not be shy to make noise and express your feelings loud and clear (so that everyone can hear them). Get into the action completely and let yourself be free.  Feel no constrains and forget where you are; let your neighbors feel the vibe too. If you want to get even further spank your lover and give him explicit details to do whatever you want. You will feel some unforgettable moments together.

Sex tips: Get out of control and just go with the flow!

Sex somewhere famous

You will certainly never forget this one! Plan a trip to visit a national landmark or go somewhere famous have sex there! The breathtaking view and the fear of not being seen by other tourists will amplify the hot sensation. You will get through some amazing feelings never felt before. A quickie here will offer you a unique memory to share.

Sex tips: Break loose and have an unconventional sex! This usually happens once in a lifetime so enjoy the moment to the fullest; make it even a common habit!

Wild sex

Studies show that the aggressive sex is the most common type of sex that usually turns on. The idea of domination appeals to both women and men! With lascivious moves, an animalistic sex will certainly turn up the heat between the two partners. Aggressiveness can also be a fun thing to experiment!

Sexy black and white


Sex tips: Do exactly the opposite of what your partner expects you to do. Rip the clothes off of him/her and show your other side of the character. Make your partner feel that kind of chill when you moan. Amplify everything!

Marathon sex

The main idea of the ‘Marathon Sex’ is to experiment it as many times you can. All sorts of new positions, crazy ideas and additional tools will definitely keep you two connected.

Sex tips: Get naked while he is sleeping and start the day with some sexy action.

‘Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?’ (Sue Johanson)

Regardless of the clothes you wear there are numerous types of sex that need to be tried at least once in a lifetime. Beyond the fact that they spice up your private life, they also build trust between the partners and expand your imagination. Are you down for some action? Then try out these amazing types of lovemaking and you will be amazed by the results!

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