I bet you will never guess what turns me on! Zodiac signs and fetishes!

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What is the link between zodiac signs and fetishes? You can get your answer from the article below! Enjoy!

Fetishes are the best example of a taboo subject. Nowadays, things like biting people’s neck, the sexual arousal caused by hot candle wax, satin lingerie, or even insects can be perceived by some as an indecent behavior, or at least abnormal. However, some might not agree with this particular idea. Well, in the right atmosphere and with the proper friends fetishism may be a debatable subject.

‘I’m imagining you all over my body, licking my nipples and biting my toes! I like the way you pull my hair while you fuck me from behind! I like your aggressive sex! I want you in my mouth tonight! ‘

The use of sexual objects such as dildos, whips, leashes and collars can stimulate your hidden imagination. Why should you not enjoy life with all its auxiliary carnal pleasures? Do you love being slapped, pinched or choked? Hmm, let’s say many like it but do not admit it.


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So, what does having a sexual fetish mean?

You can guess there is no exact explanation; it is closely related to personal preferences and highly adaptable to any environment in which the sexual intercourse is performed. Therefore, in an attempt to describe it briefly, we can state it is that type of sexual attraction towards an inanimate object (like stiletto heels), a body part (like the nipples areolas) or a type of material for instance (silk or leather). In these situations, the individual cannot be sexually satisfied unless it uses them or thinks about these kinky items. As awkward as it might sound, studies show that more than 50% of people have at least one such sexual fetish. They stem from childhood and follow us along all our life, flavoring it.

‘My only goal tonight is to be your servant – to please you and to do whatever you order me to! I love it when you control my every move and make me beg for your mercy! You will be exhausted tonight, I promise!’

Each and one of us is unique, thanks God, and therefore each sexual fetish adapts to those who have it. They range from the most common ones, to the most intriguing and odd ones, from just an attraction to a real obsession. From pretending to be ‘mom’s little baby in bed’ to getting naughty at the hearing of rubber balloons, these sexual fetishes are part of a normal sex life.

Sexy woman

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It is a proven fact that each and one of us have some sexual fetishes, or at least fantasies. However, what should concern us is how far we take these conducts? Do they bring us any good? Do they enhance our pleasure in bed? If the answer is yes then it is a healthy habit. Otherwise, if they have become slowly but surely an obsession that you cannot overcome, then you should seek help!

‘I cannot think of anything else but to what you will do to me tonight. Your sexy lingerie and your ten inches high heels really turn me on! Hell, yeah! I want you in my arms tonight!’

What are the most common and odd fetishes?

Actions such as sex on the floor, deep kissing, high-speed sex or nipple play may turn on several of us. But, have you ever thought about what other fetishes might exist? Well, all sorts of objects and parts of the body sexually stimulate people of all ages. Some of them will amaze you! Many of those who already have fetishes embrace them and just look for the proper lover with whom to share them.

The ‘Gateway fetishes’ are the most common ones. They are considered to be the healthy ones as they help individuals to get more easily deep into the sexual act. Any objects such as women’s lingerie, rubber, leather or silk objects can be used in fetish acts.  Among these fetishes, there are several worth to be mentioned:

  • The breasts fetish (Big boobs and deep necklines get some horny)
  • The back fetish (The perfect massage can easily get you to the seventh heaven)
  • The foot fetish (The sexual interest in the feet or footwear)
  • The hair fetish (Lots of hair and head massage turns to be a thrilling experience!)

In what concerns the odd ones, they get more exact and more interesting! However, pay attention and if they convert to an obsession for you, immediately seek help!

  • Formicophilia (Individuals get excited when different insects crawl over their genitals)
  • Dendrophilia (Many gain pleasure from the sight of trees. They stimulate themselves while touching a tree)
  • Plushophilia (This fetish has its roots deep into your childhood. If you get horny when you see a teddy bear or someone dressed up in a fluffy costume, then you have ‘Plushophilia)
  • Sexual asphyxiation (Do you love to chock and to be strangled? Well be careful, it is not a healthy habit!)
  •  Diaper fetishism (This fetish includes someone having a diaper on. For certain reasons some get horny when they experience such sensations)

These examples are just some out of a long, long list. From the most common ones to the most dangerous and bizarre ones, fetishes are part of our life. However, get some help if these fetishes do you any harm!

Where do fetishes come from?

Latex girl

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Well, fetishes may start in many ways. For instance, many fetishes lead back to childhood. Why is that? It is simple! An event, something that had shocked you, a certain object that aroused intense feelings can mark the triggering point of the future fetish.

Moreover, porn is also believed to have much to do with fetishes. After seeing such a movie, our perception enlarges. Have you ever noticed that after watching a porn episode, you have the tendency to imitate, to try the same techniques, to see what happens? Do not be scared, it is a normal behavior!

A fetish can easily find its way deep into our minds. The channels for this to happen are numerous. Intense fear, curiosity, oddity, excitement or a vivid tumult can seriously perturb our inner balance. Even some of our scariest moments of our childhood can be the starting point of a sexual fetish. Do you like to be forced when you have sex, to be handled roughly or to be maltreated? Then, this is your answer!

‘In the everyday life I have little self-confidence, however when I’m in bed I love to be touched and to talk dirty! I do not know why, but this really is part of me! Tonight there is only you and me baby!’

Our minds are built to protect ourselves! Therefore, some of our childhood memories hibernate until we have sex for the first time. That erotic change is what brings us the hidden desire. Some say that ‘what enhances our libido is perfect so why bother?’. It is a fact that what is stored in our subconscious mind will come at surface one time or another.

Have you ever considered to do a little introspection? Scientists say that all the answers for our problems, either that we talk about health or mental problems lay in ourselves. We just have to search a little bit. Consequently, if you really want to figure out why you like certain objects, or why do high heels sexually stimulate you, then you should take some moments and meditate on this! Apparently, these heightened emotions enhance our bedroom satisfaction. Therefore, we should pay attention to them.

Your zodiac sign and your birth fetishes

Does slapping your lover’s ass turn you on? Are you sexually stimulated when someone nibbles on your ear lobe or your back? Look, it does not take much time to see what common fetishes you experience. High heels, short skirts, big boobs and Kaboom, here is your fetish!

However, not all resumes to a twisted emotion. Let us take a glimpse at what zodiac signs tell about our fetishes, because it is obvious we all have them.


The Rocking Horse

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-‘I feel really uncomfortable in my clothes right now. Do you want to help me get them off?’ / -‘I’m dying to help you! I want to stroke you all the way to heaven!’

 Those born under this sign often have neck fetishes. They like you to bite their neck, to leave them hickeys, to get your hands through their hair and to be extremely passionate in bed. One of their favorite sex positions is ‘The Rocking Horse’, and you can guess the reason why. Hard emotions seem to arouse them; therefore, it is easy to see why they like to have sex in public places, in nature or in the elevator. ‘The rules are meant to be broken!’ appears to be their motto. They like their body to be softly kissed and to dominate in bed. Do not get surprised if your Aries is aggressive in bed, or if he talks dirty. This is just in his nature! You just have to keep up with it! They get horny when playing costume games, such as teacher-student or nurse-patient.


‘Fuck me! Fuck me really hard! I want to feel you right now!’

Taurus enjoys sex games and love to bite. If you are a playful person, then you should make out with a Taurus and you will experience the best moments of your life. They like to be caressed and to be gently licked. Try to hold them tight and they will take care of everything else for you. Satin arousal seems to be their fetish, while ‘The Glowing Triangle position’ suits them the best. They like having sex whilst driving and showering, and most of all they like morning sex. Beware! They are in for any type of sex – fast or slow; a kinky or a teasing one.

The Glowing Triangle position

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‘I’m thinking about you, about what I’m going to do to you tonight. I want to kiss every inch of your body!’

The X Rated

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Gemini is an air sigh. They are very skilled in what concerns the use of their hands, so they will take good care of your needs. They want to be dominated in bed, and are extremely excited when thinking about uniforms. As a result, they love having sex with ‘police officers’, ‘fire men’ or ‘doctors’. They like to grab your ass and squeeze it, and therefore ‘The X-Rated sex position’ appeals to them. Everything here is about control and sensuality. When they are in bed they transform themselves, they are like chameleons. Do not worry if they do not stop, they will get you to have several orgasms, until you are exhausted. You like the way it sounds, huh?


‘You are extraordinary! You make me wet every time you get near me!’


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Those who are under this sign are in a constant run for sexy challenges. They like big boobs and sexy Barbie sized girls, while the female Cancers are stimulated by muscular guys. They do not have preconceptions and they are thrilled over ‘The padlock position’. They want to be controlled and to hold their partner in their arms. One of their odd fetishes is ‘pictophilia‘, the desire to be videotaped and photographed while having sex. They enjoy watching porn movies and get inspired from them. You are lucky if you find a Cancer who loves you. Cancers like to lick and suck, to harass and penetrate their lovers. They are forever horny and willing to taste some action. Their motto is: ‘The more the merrier’


‘You will make me come if I see your nipples again! Keep doing that, you little sexy one’

The fan

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The dominant one as it is also known, Leo loves back massages, as the back is one of their heterogeneous areas. If you know how to cuddle him/her, you will have a long night. They are very skilled in conquering, so if someone attracts their attention they will do everything ‘to own it’. They have a specific sexual aura, which many cannot resist. One of their preferred sex positions is ‘The Fan’ as they enjoy being in control.  They demand full satisfaction and like talking during sex. Moreover, they have a strong fetish for latex and balloons. Hot and well-shaped girls arouse them. Leos like to get the party going so you just have to relax.


‘Tonight there is only me and you babe. Be prepared for the time of your life! Rock my brains out, you sexy dirty thing!’

The Eagle

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Virgos like everything from chains, to black leather, whips and handcuffs. Those born under this zodiac sign like their stomach to be touched, kissed and bitten. They pay much attention to details, while masks and a sexy lingerie stimulates them. They like to be submissive and they are extremely cunning in bed. They will have what they wish for! They are sexually aroused about ‘The Eagle position’ and they feel relaxed playing with their tongue all over your body.


‘Your pussy tastes so good in my mouth! I love the way you smell, my naughty girl!’

They are the most passionate of all signs. They enjoy crying fetishes, and that is why they love being the ‘baby’ in bed. Libras like spanky games and enjoy hip fetishes. They are toy sex addicts and it is very common for them to have sex in strange places. Of course, the best about them is that they do not have inhibitions and preconceptions; you can have any type of sex with them. What do they think about verbal abuse, stalking and orgies? They enjoy them all. Their sexual position is ‘Doggie style’, and what is most important about them is that they seek more than sex; they are sex gods!


Source: www.sofeminine.co.uk


‘Suck it! Suck it like you really mean to! Be a dirty little one today!’

They are possessive lovers and very selfish ones. Scorpios are hard to pin down and they enjoy romantic and long toe massages. They love it when you call them ‘daddy or mommy’, and they are fascinated about swinging. One of their awkward fetishes is the dirty French talking, while their best position is ‘The Triumph Arch’. She is aroused when you kiss her nipples and requires full satisfaction. They are not slutty persons and mirrors are part of their sexual fetish objects. With them, you will learn the art of sex!

The triumph arch

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Get over here! I want you!The v

Sex is everything for them. It is obvious that those born under this zodiac sign are very hard to find. They enjoy life and they are very active persons. Getting laid with them will be unforgettable for you. One of their favorite sexual positions is ‘The erotic V’. Try it!


‘I’m going to spread your legs and taste every inch of your pussy! Are you excited?’

Super 8

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They demand respect! You need a lot of patience with them, but they will never hide their real feelings. Erotic conversations or sexy stories make them really horny. If you cheat on them, the game is over. Refuse them many times, and you will definitely lose ‘a piece of your puzzle’. With them you will feel love to the fullest! Capricorns are imaginative persons and little naughty ones. Do not believe in appearances, they are kinky ones! Some of their fantasies include sex during work breaks and public square sex. Put them to test and you will be amazed! Try ‘The Super 8’, their favorite!


‘Get down and do your job! Suck it! Suck me off!’

They are very oral persons! They enjoy sex in each of its forms. That is the reason why the ‘The Grip’ is their favorite. It does not matter where the sexual intercourse takes place, they will get you to your limits. You can count voyeurism and photo play as some of their fetishes, but most of all they will engage in public sex and group sex. They are really sex addicts, so you will have many workouts with them. They are the back-to-nature type. The Aquarius people will satisfy any cravings you might have, Any opportunity will be exploited!


Source: www.sofeminine.co.uk


‘Yeah baby, I like it rough! Fuck me like a dirty pro!’


Source: www.sofeminine.co.uk

Their favorite body part is the legs. You will remember every sex episode with them because it will be extremely intense and pleasurable. They are always ready to offer you everything and they are eccentric lovers.  They are attracted to body odors and sex in and around the water. Pisces are fascinated by human bodies and enjoy watching them in all sort of circumstances. If you stimulate their mind, you will capture their attention. Pisces are very emotional persons and one of their favorite sex positions is ‘The Amazon’ one. They have hair fetishes and tickle fights appeals to them. If you have a sense of humor, there is enough for a Pisces to fuck you!

All things taken into consideration, there are several stereotypes that guide zodiac signs. The sexual arousal can happen for different reasons, either that we talk about normal habits or abnormal ones. From bed wrestling, to sex against the floor or the wall, sexuality is perceived in different ways by each and one of us, it depends on the viewer’s education background.

What fetishes do you have? I eagerly want to know!

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